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    Brergrsart's Crew of Characters

    Welcome to Brergrking! Hello, world! It's Brergrsart! That one guy who does the thing sometimes. Here you will find all the characters I have made and released. This thread will serve as an alternate location of my website (where you will also find more details about my characters including movelists for my more recent work, release dates, and my personal thoughts of that character's theme and/or creation process). Most of my crew are made with MUGEN 1.1 in mind, but they all work just fine in MUGEN 1.0 unless otherwise stated. Most of my work up until my recent releases have been designed for Fast 5-7 Speed, but whatever game speed you prefer is still fine. Also note that because my characters were designed to compete in AI vs AI matches, fighting them as a human player may prove difficult when using normal characters. Typically when I make a character, I debut them on whatever MUGEN AI Betting Site accepts my work, and release them to the public in around a week, in case I discover a bug or want to tweak something last minute. You can also find my work here, alongside other authors dedicated to creating content for MUGEN Betting Sites if you so wish, but it should be noted that this thread and my website will have the most up to date versions or my work quicker and more consistently since they'll be uploaded straight from the source. With all that out of the way, here's my roster, sorted by most recently released! (Characters that are variations of each other are grouped together) Characters in blue are hefty downloads (>= 100 MB) Characters in purple are hefty downloads (>= 200 MB) Characters in gold are variations of each other. (This could be a minor change such as their core mechanic functioning slightly different or a major one such as an edit of an older version of itself. This does not count 1.1/1.0 versions as they are meant to function exactly the same way.) Extreme Pepsi Hong Meiling (1.1) / (For MUGEN 1.0 ) || Dodge Viper / (Without the music for an easier download) || Choice Banned Gyarados || Carlos, My Main Man || Chang Attack Force Passive-Aggressive Chun-Li || Dance Master Duane || Neku || Dank Lord Ganondorf || Spellcutie Bulk Bogan || Uncle Joel || Rokettotanku || Homura did (interpretation) Wrong / Time Loop Madoka || Flock of Falling Father Figures Cease and Desist || Smoke Ninja Zero || Gweelay || YOUR SOUL IS MAYAN || True Monando Boy Miles Edgeworth (Reproduction of LD's version) || Mister Fahrenheit || Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Karin || Pepsimen (OOOOOooouuUUUUGH! This Fettuccine is LOUD!) || Shotoclown Don't Worry... These Pizzas are in Good Hands || Ridiculous Necromancer Girl || How Are You? || The Bestest Ken in the World / The Violentest Ken in the World || King of Games, Bitch! Fattest Tony || That Guy || Buster || !balrog || Kokodesuka / The Goenitz Experience 2015 naM uF gnuK || Stretchy Limbs / Stretchy Limbs Mk CDXX - Ultimate Pound || Spin To || Shalk || Santos
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    [PREVIEW] Video: ^Give A Like Please [LINK] http://excahmmugen.blogspot.com/ >Excahm´s Box [INFO] -Mugen 1.1 Only. -Superjump = Yes. -Zoom = Yes! [COMMENT] Welp, it´s my Birthday again {actually was like last week}! Another year flies and just like before, decided to release a new stage and this one have a few new things that wanted to try and kinda failed at them BUT ended looking nice enoght, i guess. Hope you like it! And hope doesn´t take me another half or full year to release something again : P
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    MvC2 Marill released

    We don't normally police mugen content that's posted on these forums, but this was just brought to our attention. Telling people not to upload to Mugen Archive is one thing, but making direct death threats in a readme file is NOT okay.
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    you've still got the magic in you
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    Street Fighter SNK / KOF Style

    Collection remade. Click in the author name to download. Note: I'll not add any special version character, only Gouken, Evil Ryu and Violent/Evil Ken cause they're canon. You can check these special chars in the SvC Collection. PLAYER SELECT SNK vs. Capcom - SvC Chaos Characters You can check the entire collection here. Ryu: 119way - Diego Cutrim's Edit - ptzptz 7's Edit (KOFXIII) / Hirohiro / Warusaki3 / Zman - Kazemaru's Edit / Don Drago (4in1) / Ikaruga (KOF '98) Kamekaze (KOFXIII) / Shammahomega1 - KamranBernstein's Edit (KOF2002UM) / Swipergod (KOFE) / ZSaber User (KOFXI) / Basara-kun & LegendaryXM90 (KOFEX) Ken: H" / Hirohiro - 119way's Edit (KOF) - Diego Cutrim's Edit (KOF) / Nyko (Site - Mirror) Don Drago (4in1) / God Ryu (KOFXI) - ptzptz 7's Edit (KOFXIII) / Ikaruga (KOF '98) Chun-Li: Sepp (Site - Mirror) / Tin (Site - Mirror) - Zadkiel's Edit (KOFXI) / J.Lee (Site - Mirror) / Liam / Tetchi / ptzptz 7 (KOFXIII) Joahie & MDK (KOFXI) / Fervicante (KOFXI) (Site - Mirror) / Zero-Sennin (KOFXIII) Guile: Star Platinum (Link - Mirror) / Ahuron (Link - Mirror) / Messatsu - Sepp's Update (Site - Mirror) / Hirohiro / Kurai Naito (Link - Mirror) / Thedge (KOFXI) Dhalsim: Wara - RBGarcia's Edit - Castagnopolis Edit (KOFXI) - KamranBernstein's Edit (KOF 2002UM) - Showard's Update Balrog / M. Bison (Boxer): Sepp (Link - Mirror) - CYBER_GOUKI's Edit (KOF) (Old - Old2 - New) - Gabiru's Edit (KOF) - ptzptz 7's Edit (KOFXIII) Fixxxer / Cad / Wara / RBGarcia Vega / Balrog (Claw): Fixxxer / Raposo (Link - Mirror) - Mouserist's Edit - 119way's Edit (KOF) / 7777 (KOF) Sagat: Mouser & H" - ptzptz 7's Edit (KOFXIII) / Hirohiro / Kurai Naito (Site - Mirror) - Dopefiend's Update / Deathsmile / Sora Chiyo (SvC+NBC) (Site - Mirror) M. Bison / Vega (Dictator): H" - 119way's Edit - Diego Cutrim's Edit - Mr. Karate JKA's Edit (KOF XI) - ptzptz 7's Edit (KOFXIII) / Messatsu Akuma / Gouki: 119way - Diego Cutrim's Edit / Minseo1911 / Duende Macabro (Site - Mirror) / Tin (Site - Mirror) Don Drago (4in1) / Hirohiro / BlackChaos7 / Morisoba / Gonzo / Mike Werewolf & Omega / Kamekaze (KOFXIII) Hugo: Tin & Adamskie (Site - Mirror) - 119way's Edit - ptzptz 7's Edit (KOFXIII) / Fraya Dan: Tatsu (Normal - KOF XI - Balanced) / Ahuron - Luisangel's Edit (KOF) / Hirohiro / Mr. X-File / Don Nadie / Soy Sauce Violent Ken: Chloe (Site - Mirror) / Lord of the Flies (Site - Mirror) / Vans / Dark Roken / SoulBannana Shin Akuma / Shin Gouki: Okachanman Non-Official SvC / Edited SvC/KOF Characters Ryu (Classic KOF Style): Vegeta 20XX (KOF '94) - Tim Markworth's Update (KOF '94) / Wing Syo - Kain the Supreme's Edit - Ex-Inferis Edit - Centella's Fix Sakura: L.C. & Mast-chen - ƒGƒX's Update (KOF XI) - Dark Miguel's Edit (KOF XI) / Ikaruga (KOF '98) 119way (KOF2k2UM) - greensteppe89's Edit - ptzptz 7's Edit (KOFXIII) / Darkgirl (KOF XI) Blanka: Fido (Spriteswap) / 119way & win0dds (KOF XI) (Ver.1 - Ver.2) - Diego Cutrim's Edit - Unknown's Edit || E. Honda: Thedge (KOF XI) - Fix + AI Patch by Ikaruga Karin: 月影風魔 (Unfinished Spriteswap of Pots Karin) || Fei Long: N64Mario & 月影風魔 (KOF XI) - KamranBernstein's Edit - CYBER_GOUKI's Edit Sean: Thedge (KOF XI) (Old - New) - 119way's Edit || Gouken: Aragan - MS360's Edit - 119way's Edit - Diego Cutrim's Edit Poison: The KJ (2k2 - XI) || Cammy: Belial & Clayton || Evil Ken: Don Drago & Iori YagamiBR (KOFM) Evil Ryu: Don Drago & Iori YagamiBR (KOFM) / Chloe (Site - Mirror) / Ahuron (D-Ryu) (Site - Mirror) - 119way's Edit (KOF2k2UM) Pacidi Z. (KOF XI) / 119way (Old - Old2 - New) - Iori YagamiBR's Edit (KOFM) / 41 (KOF2k2UM)
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     This collection hosts various original characters, edits, and special stages created by community authors specifically for MUGEN betting websites, such as SaltyBet and SpriteClub. All characters in this collection are showcased with the individual consent and permission of the authors involved with their creation. It should also be noted that these characters were created with the intention of battling under AI vs AI conditions, and they may be very difficult to defeat by means of normal gameplay. This collection will be updated over time with ongoing community releases, adding new authors who have volunteered to have their streamed content hosted on this thread accordingly. CHARACTERS BELOW273 BRERGRSART DEOXGIGAS GIGAPOWIER GUMHOY HERTAINNENSPADE JOR8A MOLOMOWCHOW SPACEMOUSE THETRUEANALYSIS/JAMPRESSED TWISTEDSYNAPSE YENSI78 SPECIAL STAGES
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    ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Yo, What's Up MFFA Fam! It's The CoolAnimeHustler, Bringing My 82nd Stage That I Created Into The Mugen World! Ahhhh...We Finally Hit September! It's One Of My Favorite Months Plus I Love The Awesome R&B Group Earth, Wind & Fire's Classic Hit Song "September"! LOL! Since We Hit This Glorious Month, I Wanted To Make Another City Based Stage In Which I'll Showcase The Fruits Of Moving Into An Apartment! In The Month Of September, I Do See That A Lot Of People Move Into Apartments This Time Of The Month! Especially College Students That Are Attending Universities! I Might As Well Make This A Tribute Stage To Everyone That Moves In This Time Of Month! This Is For You, Yo! It's Always Important To Have A Roof Or Shelter Under Your Head! ^_^ I Really Love How This Stage Turned Out! Moving In To A New Place Is Always Stressful At First But It'll Be Totally Worth It When You Finally Get Done And Get Some Rest! Also, It's Important To Meet Your New Neighbors And Get Familiar Of Your Neighborhood's Surrounding Areas! It Could Come In Handy Someday! Enjoy Another City Theme Based Stage For Your Fighters! You Can Find My Stages On My Blog, Yo! Look Under The Category Called (CAH's Mugen Works Of Awesome ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”). Have Fun and Caring Is Sharing! ʕु-̫͡-ʔु” https://coolanimehustler.blogspot.com/
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    ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Yo, What's Up MFFA Fam! It's The CoolAnimeHustler, Bringing My 84th Stage That I Created Into The Mugen World! Today, I Wanted To Make Some More City/Urban Themed Stages And I Found Some Inspiration From Old School Delinquent Anime From The 1980's And 1990's. Every Time I Watched One Of Those Delinquent Animes, I Noticed That Main Characters Fight In A Open School Yard! I Felt Like This Would Be A Perfect Stage For The Rough And Tuff Fighters In Your Roster! I Even Messed With The Tensions And Bounds So MVC Fighters Can Have A Good Super Jump On The Stage! All In All, I Really Love How This Stage Turned Out! Even Though Anime Delinquent Animes Are Fun To Watch, Just Remember To Love Thy Brother And Sister And Help Build Stronger Communities In Real Life! Stay Positive, Learn, And Be The Best That You Can Be, Yo! Enjoy Another City Theme Based Stage For Your Fighters! You Can Find My Stages On My Blog, Yo! Look Under The Category Called (CAH's Mugen Works Of Awesome ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”). Have Fun and Caring Is Sharing! ʕु-̫͡-ʔु” https://coolanimehustler.blogspot.com/
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    ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Yo, What's Up MFFA Fam! It's The CoolAnimeHustler, Bringing My 83rd Stage That I Created Into The Mugen World! As You Already Know...I Love The Sport Of Boxing And I Wanted To Add Another City Themed Boxing Stage To All You Awesome Mugenites, Yo! After Looking At My Previous Boxing MUGEN Stages (Boxing Night Fights, Old School Boxing Gym, Old School Boxing Gym II (Waifu Edition), Luxury Skyscraper Sports Gym), I Decided To Create A New Modern Boxing Gym For Your MUGEN Fighters! I Messed With The Tensions And Bounds So That Fighters Will Fight Properly On This Stage! I Really Love How This Stage Turned Out! It Makes Me Happy To Create More Boxing Theme Stages For You All And The World Of MUGEN! You'll Definitely Have A Lot Of Options Now On Which Stages You Want To Put Your Boxers In! Maybe I Should Create A Boxing Ring In Space...Hmmmmm...To Excel Beyond The Stars! Sounds Epic! LOL! Enjoy Another City Sports Theme Based Stage For Your Fighters! You Can Find My Stages On My Blog, Yo! Look Under The Category Called (CAH's Mugen Works Of Awesome ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”). Have Fun and Caring Is Sharing! ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”  https://coolanimehustler.blogspot.com/
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    Shinmyoumaru by Nomucoke

    Had it on my MEGA for whatever reason. Dunno if it's the latest version. https://mega.nz/#!LNt1kYoD!MvyV4PvcaAffL-4YBPzJAno2tGprDe3uJN6p0HHP21M
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    Nep Heart

    Homura Akemi WIP

    First super done. AT-4 is a simple looking projectile super with low priority, but underneath the surface lies an interesting way of scaling its damage off a combo. The higher hitcount you end a combo with this super, the less it is actually scaled from previous hits. So, you'll get quite a hefty reward for ending lengthy combos with this move.
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    Redhair Ryu Lover

    Cthulhu Cult Stage 1.1 & 1.0

    Nice touch with the Doom torches ? If I could find the background sprites from the original Doom game, I might be able to make a stage set in (clears throat) Hades.
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    Cthulhu Cult Stage 1.1 & 1.0

    Cthulhu is a fictional cosmic entity created by writer H. P. Lovecraft and first introduced in the short story "The Call of Cthulhu" in 1928. Considered a Great Old One within the pantheon of Lovecraftian cosmic entities, the creature has since been featured in numerous popular culture references. Lovecraft depicts Cthulhu as a gigantic entity worshipped by cultists. Cthulhu's appearance is described as looking like an octopus, a dragon, and a caricature of human form. The stage has superjump, animation, looped BGM, 1.1 (zoom & no zoom) and 1.0 option files. VIDEO DOWNLOAD
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    Dangerous Halloween Stage 1.1 & 1.0

    I released this scenario a few days ago, but not in this forum. So, better late than never. The stage brings superjump, animation, looped BGM, 1.1 (zoom & no zoom) and 1.0 option files. Thanks to GDPenguin for the original BGM. VIDEO DOWNLOAD
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    So we're starting at a better place than the last backup as all of Caesar's Pokémon are already in the collection, which is nice. So by adding the remainder of what was missing... CHARACTERS -Added Aurelia by Vulpis Girline. -Added Mimikyu by Enterku. -Fixed link to Kirlia by Meloetta Team. MISC. -Added English voice for vo-jk's Pachirisu by YochiThMaster333. ...we can finally add some new stuff. CHARACTERS -Added Pikachu by superredbird35k. -Added Teddiursa by Crowsar. -Added He Lucathicc by 6969 Thicc Incc. -Added Primal Dialga by Keizer Organa. -Added Kamitsurugi (Kartana) by Hiren. MISC. -Added shiny palette for vo-jk's Pachirisu by YochiThMaster333. -Added Super Smash Bros. 4 voice for Dylanius9000's Chespin by YochiThMaster333.
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    Collection updated to the version before the downtime.
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    Re-posting for the sake of better previews. Click the author names to get the desired version of a characters! Feel free to post any missing stuffs. This collection't wont include any of the cheap Grief Syndrome edits. CHARACTERS - RESPRITED MAGICAL GIRLS Madoka Kaname: 1st: Waribashi - Nipa3008's Edit / Brergsart: Homura Did [Interpretation] Wrong / Time Loop Madoka / 2nd: おりりん (Oririn) - Nipa3008'S Edit || Homura Akemi: Cycbeam / Kohaku || Homura Akemi & Friends: Cycbeam Mami Tomoe: 1st: Geros: Mirror1 / Mirror2 / 2nd: Fuddyfunny || Sayaka Miki: 1st: Fuddyfunny / Nep Heart / 2nd: Annri || Kyouko Sakura: 1st: Waribashi / 2nd: Nyancha QB / INCUBATOR QB: 1st: YAN / 2nd: Musimu / Ryusei WITCHES Gertrud: Ninnniku || Charlotte: MRCLMNDKS || Elsa Maria: Noeru || Walpurgisnacht: 1st: Marktwo / 2nd: Ninnniku CHARACTERS - GRIEF SYNDROME Madoka Kaname: HAL || Homura Akemi: ZLC32 || Mami Tomoe: HAL || Sayaka Miki: Not Converted || Kyouko Sakura: HAL / TM || QB: HAL || Oktavia von Seckendorff: Ouchi / Margatroid CHARACTERS - PARODIES Sayaka M. Kischine: ‚Í‚µ‚Ô‚Æ‚ª‚ç‚· || VH Mami: Oyaji || Megamami: Fu-Lin || Kung Fu QB Man: Arumikan || Homura Umaiboshoujo: Arumikan STAGES Stages by Margatroid || Stages by Yameteoke || Front of Homura House by Ouchi || Rebellion Fight by Emanuel667 ADD-ONS Madoka Magica Screenpack by Unknown Author [WinMUGEN+ / 320x240] Madoka Magica Screenpack by Oliviasan [MUGEN 1.0 / 640x480] BONUS AI Patch for おりりん's Madoka AI Patch + Voice Patch for Waribashi's Kyouko AI Patch for Nyancha's Kyouko by DS12 Productions
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    Chinko is from King of Braves GaoGaiGar Final and Mako is from Saki
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    Nep Heart

    Sayaka Miki by Nep Heart

    (both links are the same videos on different accounts) After working on this character for nearly half a year (with a few months of delay due to PC problems in the interim), I finally release my first MUGEN creation using Otz-Kai's version as a resource basis. While her gameplay takes some inspiration from various fighting games such as Marvel vs Capcom, Melty Blood, Guilty Gear and King of Fighters, she is otherwise completely custom. Have fun! https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvDqTmHZ37DihlJFdprY-GA5Bma6
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    I made a quick little edit of Carlos to have him match the gameplay from that one time Joel from Vinesauce played the game.
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    One Piece - Great Pirate Colosseum

    Added Usopp by CobraG6 Vinsmoke Sanji by CobraG6 Jinbei by CobraG6 Kurohige by CobraG6 Brook by CobraG6 Eustass Kid by CobraG6
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    Mutant DNA

    Added the @BluEngineerCKG43 links of Joey Faust in the first post. :)
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    Mʀ. Sтᴇαl-Yoᴜя-Wαεfυ

    Injustice 2

    I'm really disappointed with the character designs. They look awful. Aquaman looks like your typical flabby cowardly COD nerd. Black Canary looks like some CW actress who was in the salon too long, Ivy looks like somebody's smart-assed mom, Catwoman looks like a deviantart cosplayer from Ohio. I mean, cmon now. The only decent ones in the lot is Supergirl, Beetle, and Batman. They could have just made a copy of Steve Reeves (NOT Christopher Reeves, but STEVE Reeves) for Superman, not that turd-kaplunk. They should have just named this: Low Budget CW Housewife Fodder: Part 2.
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    I just want to say: more nude female chars compatible with K/M/S/J/C....like Nude Ingrid, Nude Tia...and others...
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    Unpopular Opinions

    Oh, and I have a few other ones: I hate Puella Magi Madoka Magica with a burning passion! The main protagonist is an all-around wimp who doesn't transform until near the end of the series, Kyubey is a sadistic stalker, the show treats magical girls in a negative light (I know it is supposed to be a deconstruction of the genre but it doesn't mean you have to make being a magical girl a bad thing!), the fact that people praise it for being so original and groundbreaking even though tons of magical girl series have had those types of themes before, and it's just a very cruel and mean-spirited rip-off of a much superior magical girl series which came out the previous year (HeartCatch Precure)! Overall, I think that PMMM is the most overrated magical girl series ever made and one of the most overrated animes ever made. If you like it, that's fine with me but Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (especially the first 3 seasons) is still the best magical girl anime of all time and WAY better than that pretentious, edgelord-and-elitst-pandering trash in my books. I don't like Disney. They are the Apple of the entertainment industry: an incompetent, greedy, super-overrated-and-overhyped company who seeks to take over the world by making and selling sappy garbage to their loyal customers who are willing to eat up anything by their rodent overlords. Also, I'm baffled that the US government hasn't dismantled their monopoly yet as they've bought too much stuff (Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and recently Fox) over the past couple of years! If Walt Disney was still alive today, then he would facepalm at what his company has become! By the way, the only movies I like from them are Frozen and Lilo & Stitch. Geneon's English dub of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha and Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's was terrible. Most of the voice actors of that dub sounded bored out of their minds and I feel like Christina Vee's voice just didn't fit the White Devil herself (especially when she was a child in the original and A's) that much. With voice acting so bland as oatmeal like that, it's no wonder why they never dubbed StrikerS. To me, nothing quite captures the essence of Nanoha and Fate more than their original Japanese seiyuus/voice actors Yukari Tamura and Nana Mizuki respectively. I like Whoppers (I am talking about the candy, not the signature burgers from Burger King). Sure, they don't taste like the normal chocolates I'm used to but I dunno. I guess I just like anything chocolate with something crunchy inside. I don't get the hate behind lima beans and candy corn. Halo Top brand ice cream is underrated. Sriracha sauce is the most overrated food stuff ever. It's too spicy and there's merchandise of it everywhere for some reason. I just can't stand it. It also doesn't help that people worship it like it was invented by the gods! Yeesh! It's just a glorified, souped-up Vietnamese hot sauce for crying out loud!