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    I didn't know SilvaGunner made a M.U.G.E.N video which resembles the old "Everybody Hates" memories.
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    So why not if I make another Cartoon Network villain besides Katz? I see she is internet's animated waifu. However it still brainstorms me want to make Ed's arch-enemy in Mugen. Likewise, she still provides girlish moves like make-up, crankshaft and constant bullying. Hopefully when Ed is possibly out as a beta, I will add her on my poll list, alongside Katz.
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    Three years ago, a song was uploaded to Youtube. This very song went on to become one of the greatest memes in recent memory as well as possibly the best meme from 2016 overall. Of course, I'm talking We are Number One. Three whole years this song has existed. And it graced memers all around the world. Many edits of the song were made. Often replacing replacing every "one" with ether a clip from another source or after the one is said it would speed up the video. There were also edits where Robbie Rotten was taken out the video entirely, the video was in opposite mode and many, many others. However the story does not end there. As the meme was gaining relevancy the actor of Robbie Rotten (Stefan Karl) was dealing with cancer. People took notice of this and so many people donated money to help him. This is one of the few times where a meme has helped somebody in a good way. However, as of late Stefan's cancer has returned. And it is worse then ever. The state as gotten so bad that it can't be worked on. This is extremely saddening. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5510365/LazyTown-actor-Stefan-Stefansson-incurable-cancer.html We tried did our best, and that's what counts. This is just how life goes. Unfortunate, but we else can we do? Life is life. And we did all we could to help him. And all we can do now is wish him the best of luck.
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    Happy 10th birthday Dinner Blaster.
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    Tried my hand at making InuYasha more BlazBlue-like.
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    Happy 18th Birthday to Waluigi

    Happy 18th Birthday to Waluigi
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    FANTASTIC NEWS! I finally fixed the internet with the help of HP! VICTORY SCREECH!
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    Apparently, everyone is shocked about terry being turned into a female. Do you guys NOT remember when Miss X was Iori in drag? This is SNK people. Why are y'all surprised? Ash Crimson who looked like a trap, single handedly took over the world, but seeing Terry turned into a girl, blown everyone's mind?
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    New stage alert!

    New stage alert!
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    Nice cover photo. I like Coca-Cola especially their Coca-Cola Freestyle machines. The Diet Barqs Vanilla-Flavored Root Beer which (I think) is exclusive to those machines is the best root beer I've ever had in my entire life! 🤤🥤🤤
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    ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- If This Was Only Real...TOAST WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN! LOL!
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    Hot Dogs

    Hot Dogs
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    I like how the forum looks this morning.
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    I guess it's time.... again. Hopefully I can actually finish it this time! And this time make it EVEN BETTER since this PC actually runs P4AU without giving me errors and crashing But first, MK Chaotic II has been released so I'm trying that out first.
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    Im not Dead ...i still pop in every now and then to see the new Generation of Mugen Creators at work...and to check out what my old friends are up to... See Ya In The Pit - ZB
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    Happy Belated birthday Megaman X4 And more importantly....
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    I'm really digging this Galaga music!
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    Chris Griffin but i made him in that Warner Like style built off of the Desktop buddy sprite https://www.deviantart.com/supermario2467/art/Chris-Griffin-Sprite-Warner-Like-756567091
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    TODAY IS MAH 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF BEING ON HERE! Guess I better do what I haven't done in a LONG time... A POINTLESS POLL. :D
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    From what I seen the rumour, the first preview of the TV movie of Invader Zim's animation style feels like the comic book style. For some reason, it will be awesome once I can found out along how Rocko turns out! This...is what I need to release new updates for Zim and Dib!
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    I can't believe Tails fucking died.
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    Only russians will understand.