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    • South park season 19 and probably this new season 20 whose episodes are coming every week on friday (I already watched 2 episodes). There's absolutely no more focus on 4 main characters and the plots are being fucked up.  
    • sweetfx doesnt work on opengl or system and mugen 1.0 use directx 5 if it used directx 8 we could talk  (you need to learn some stuff),and both mugen 1.0 and 1.1 are unstable so your point became unvalid,specially when you say compatibility the only thing is that you just put the name on mugen 1.0 and 1.1 (wait i can do the same on winmugen 2k3 and wont crash after continue screen) Check the update log of winmugen 2k3 (if you find an original packed version is easy to recognize the exe have icon) winmugen 200 chars charselect screen only HR chars 1.2 Gb ram mugen 1.0 charselect screen 64 chars lowres 1.9 gb ram mugen 1.1 charselect screen 64 chars HR 2.3 Gb ram as i said there arent enough reasons to change specially if you have perfect pitch like me and just use mp3 with surround only winmugen is capable of surround sound or adx sound thanks to plugins (weird because people is allowed to develope plugins for the latest mugen but nothing) look if there where people that tweaked shaders of 1.1 or people that maked some tools to filter chars (just loading a char and let the program filter the char with bilinear or ntsc filter without doing anything besides that) but there arent and this has been talked too much since the release of mugen 1.0,when mugen 1.1 started to get released the only reason they did it was because they hoped that people learned to code and tweak shaders.   There are thousands of reasons to stick to winmugen and just a few to change to mugen 1.1 (the only reason i use it is because of sxvector screenpacks ) dont force people to change is like windows users trying to make linux users to change to windows. Most of the reasons to stick to winmugen is the 85% of low res chars in existence and 75% of low res stages in existence. HR chars can be used on winmugen or 1.0  (but have less performance impact on winmugen) using this settings on mugen 1.0 is suicide
       ;Number of simultaneous afterimage effects allowed.
       ;Set to a lower number to save memory (minimum 1).
      AfterImageMax = 1024  ;Maximum number of layered sprites that can be drawn.
       ;Set to a lower number to save memory (minimum 32).
      LayeredSpriteMax = 1024  ;Maximum number of explods allowed in total. Note that hitsparks
       ;also count as explods.
       ;Set to a lower number to save memory (minimum 8).
      ExplodMax = 5800  ;Maximum number of system explods allowed.
       ;Set to a lower number to save memory (minimum 8).
      SysExplodMax = 1024  ;Maximum number of helpers allowed in total.
       ;Set to a lower number to save memory (minimum 4, maximum 56).
      HelperMax = 56  ;Maximum number of projectiles allowed per player.
       ;Set to a lower number to save memory (minimum 5).
      PlayerProjectileMax = 1024
      but they work fine and use up to 200 Mb on winmugen Remeber this a tool is as good as the user it doesnt depend on how new it is (mugen 1.0 with low res chars look fugly,winmugen + bilinear filtering and low res chars look awesome like a console game) mention 40 hd chars without counting the street fighter 2 hd remix chars and people would change (reason mugen died is because users and authors harased people to make the change but they never made the change from low res to HD)
    • There's no such thing as a fifth filter and your reasoning is ridiculous, There's plenty of good reasons on why you should make the move, and you should re-examine your decision on sticking with winmugen. Why would you prefer a an ancient program that's completely unstable over one version that has better compability and stabilization? If you desperately want bilinear filtering and horizontal scanlines, use an alternative like SweetFX and go from there.