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  2. MatreroG

    The 8th Passenger Stage 1.1 & 1.0

    Thanks CAH, we really appreciate the support.
  3. sonikun

    Sonikun's Non-Mugen Video Thread

    Here's another one: Enjoy.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Mister Fael

    Mister Fael Mugen Videos Spot

    Irony, D and Stomp
  6. Solid Snivy

    Nine the Phantom by Kouya

    Someone else has the old Mai saved up. Though none of us can play as her unless the password for her is figured out.
  7. sonikun

    Sonikun's Non-Mugen Video Thread

    I love this team: Enjoy.
  8. ArcBeast


    I hope this Naoto Kurogane Matrix version using source style
  9. Hey everyone, Back with a Scott Pilgrim stage, the final version of Snowy Toronto. Added the falling snow, changed Lucas with someone else sitting on the bench, and a bit more tinkering... Enjoy, Link below http://www.mediafire.com/file/qvqh1hkl4j3u1jk/Snowy Toronto Final.rar
  10. Hello everyone, Back with another Scott Pilgrim stage: Underpass. Fuly animated with crowd, and cars passin by. Enjoy, download link below http://www.mediafire.com/file/79948g144y4al2m/Underpass.rar
  11. Mashinghot

    Nine the Phantom by Kouya

    Hi there snivy sir, pardon me but would you happen to have the old Mai as well? Just wanna test her out. Thankies.
  12. CoolAnimeHustler

    [STAGE] Boxing Night Fights by CoolAnimeHustler

    ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Thank You RyochiReturns! I Really Appreciate It, Yo! ^_^ It Seems Like Boxing Anime And Movies Have Like... The Best BGM Ever! LOL! Not Going To Lie...Eye Of The Tiger Is One Of The Greatest Boxing Themes Ever Made! Also, Rocky IV's "Hearts On Fire" And Creed's Training Theme Was Pretty Dope Too! I'm Glad You Like The Stage, Yo! There's More Stages To Come! (o^.^)-b
  13. Crimson Array

    Touhou Project - Edits/Killer Edits

    Okay so I tested both of em out and they are waaaaaaaaaay too much for my roster... Most of their attacks have this extended range or something.. I'll keep them cause they're so cool but I'll disable them from being picked by the AI. Thanks for the answer btw.
  14. RyochiReturns

    [STAGE] Boxing Night Fights by CoolAnimeHustler

    Nice stage. The boxing anime song is cool but as for me. Rocky III's "Eye of the Tiger" is THE boxing BGM for my stages. Well done still. :)
  15. ~❤Flanya Scarlet❤

    Touhou Project - Edits/Killer Edits

    The ones with Red are 1 Hit Kill ones The ones With Black are Normal Ones And Most are yes And those Are Haceil FC2 Blog they can be found there And Yes ik Some dont like My own Creations I made rainbow edits Alot but Idk if I wanna share them People might not Like them but who knows...
  16. leonlight

    Project Catch 'Em All

    If you'll make a beta 4 with bigger roster and pvp and will release new pokemons weekly I'll donate 9 dollars every month, just make sure to link me the patreon I know it's not a lot but it's ment to motivate u
  17. Penelope sighed after Anwalt had his last knockdown, with all of her anticipation for a comeback draining away in an instant. The guy fought hard, but not even her cheering saved him. Hopefully he wouldn't take the loss too hard. Penelope: (Poor guy...hopefully his bro didn't see that!) Despite his loss, though, they both did great to her. The best thing to do now was the congratulate them. They looked like they'd both need some cheering on in order to keep going, especially Raina; who knew what could've possibly waited for her after this! Maybe she'd get a super cool rival that'd challenge her or something! Penelope: Woo-hoo, you both did really good in that fight! It was so awesome seeing all of that light stuff Raina did, and that one thing where you tore out a chunk of the floor, Anwalt! I wanna learn that stuff, too!
  18. RMaster007

    JonathanAM's Stages

    Didn't he also make a stage of a toliet?
  19. The match was over. The crowd erupted in cheers as the winner wws announced... That's it! The match is over! The winner is...Raina! Everyone! Lets show these two fighters our appreciation! The crowd cheers for the two fighters as they exchange after battle commentary in the middle of the arena... Fighters! Thank you for your participation! Please make you way towards the Lobby threw the large doors! Raina! Please speak to the receptionist to claim you prize!
  20. Last week

    Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning

    then theres this. you may know by now though https://drive.google.com/file/d/1U3gShTlmgg51AkEOuisyFnc5BS_F1shT/view
  22. G-Gamer

    My intro does not work

    My english is not good XD
  23. G-Gamer

    My intro does not work

    Hello I'm New X). I have a problem, the def file of my intro, It does not work Mugen ignores my intro yet I'm told in the system.def,I don't know where the error is coming from. Here's the intro.def tell me what you think about it. ; Introduction cutscene for story mode. ; The fadein and fadeout parameters are used to fade one screen to the next. [Info] localcoord = 640,480 [SceneDef] spr = intro.sff ;------------------------------------ [Scene 0] ;Fade fadein.time = 60 ;Time to take for fading in ;fadein.col = 0,0,0 ;Use 255,255,255 for white-fade fadeout.time = 15 ;fadeout.col = 255,255,255 ;Screen color clearcolor = 0,0,0 ;Overlay Anims (from 0 to 9) layerall.pos = 0,0 ;Default position for all layers layer0.anim = 0 ;Anim action number layer0.offset = 0,0 ;Position offset ;layer0.starttime = 0 ;Time to start display layer1.anim = 1 ;Anim action number layer1.offset = 0,0 ;Position offset ;layer1.starttime = 0 ;Time to start display layer2.anim = 2 ;Anim action number layer2.offset = 0,0 ;Position offset ;layer2.starttime = 0 ;Time to start display ; Music ;bgm = intro.mp3 ;Name of music file to play ;bgm.loop = 0 ;Total time end.time = 3000 [Begin Action 0] 2,0, 0,-30, 3 2,1, 0,-30, 3 2,2, 0,-30, 3 2,3, 0,-30, 3 2,4, 0,-30, 3 2,5, 0,-30, 3 2,6, 0,-30, 3 2,7, 0,-30, 3 2,8, 0,-30, 3 2,9, 0,-30, 3 2,10, 0,-30, 3 2,11, 0,-30, 3 2,12, 0,-30, 3 2,13, 0,-30, 3 2,14, 0,-30, 3 2,15, 0,-30, 3 2,16, 0,-30, 3 2,17, 0,-30, 3 2,18, 0,-30, 3 2,19, 0,-30, 3 2,20, 0,-30, 3 2,21, 0,-30, 3 2,22, 0,-30, 3 2,23, 0,-30, 3 2,24, 0,-30, 3 [Begin Action 1] 0,0,0,0,1 [Begin Action 2] 1,0,0,0,6 1,1,0,0,6 1,2,0,0,6 1,3,0,0,6 1,4,0,0,6 1,5,0,0,6 1,6,0,0,6 1,7,0,0,6 1,8,0,0,6 1,9,0,0,6 1,10,0,0,6 1,11,0,0,6 1,12,0,0,6 1,13,0,0,6
  24. Location: The Arena He got up and cleaned some of the dust in the clothes. Then, he scratched his head and sighed. Anwalt: Well... nothing I can do, right? A loss is a loss. Gotta admit, I went cocky because of my training with Lucent, but I should've known it wouldn't be the same thing. Anwalt: By the way, there's no need for you to attack me. Your first knockdown was on that moment when it looked like nothing happened. I took advantage of the moment just to look as if I wasn't down. He went towards Raina and extended his hand. He wasn't planning to trick her after revealing the truth... and even if he did, what would it change? Anwalt: You're pretty strong, I'll give you that. Next time, I won't be an idiot and I'll give you a hell of a fight. Location: Training Center Lucent went in and looked at the television there. It seemed the battle was already over, with the result he saw ever since the beginning. Lucent: (I know someone would say "Shouldn't you have some faith on your brother?" or something like that, but on a fight he'd lose immediately for going cocky... there's just no point.) Lucent: (Also... while I'm at it, I better discard this form while I'm at it. This isn't how I look anymore, anyway...) For a normal human, it would look like as if he disappeared and someone else stood at his place. Lucent abandoned his old image, one he used at Anwalt's request before travelling, and took his current form once more. Lucent: Now then... where should I go to practice first... or rather, which equipments are sturdy enough so I don't have to discharge my anger at Anwalt later and be reported for cruelty or something of the sort?
  25. Anwalt went down. That was his second knockdown by Raina's count, but he seemed to be making no moves... Raina was prepared to defend, but made no attempt to attack.
  26. WlanmaniaX

    JonathanAM's Stages

    It's a good question, I travelled around the web history with suing Web Archive how I can found some of old stages made by Mugen Toons. I tried to download more of his lost materials, especially from what I have seen are the Television stage, the Incredibles, Teletubbies, Timmy's Room, Pinata Bonus, Cheerios Breakfast table and the forest from South Park. I still hope someone who remembered got this one by Mugen Toons. But luckily, I have found two more stages, especially Weenie Hut Junior's and New York.
  27. CoolAnimeHustler

    [STAGE] Luxury Skyscraper Sports Gym by CoolAnimeHustler

    ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- The Song I Was Listening To When Making This Stage! This Instrumental Wakes You Up In The Morning, Yo! ^_^
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