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  2. Hi guys, before you say anything I did hear the news about the FCC and net neutrality. At first I was freaking out because the internet is gonna be terrible and my game developing career is going down the toilet, but my dad calmed me down because we don't know what's gonna go down in the future and people are probably going to make lawsuits on the FCC. It might back fire. Who knows?


    Anyways, I decided to distract you guys from this whole mess with my stuff, just because I can.


    Recently, I had a new idea. I came up with some fighting game characters for my own indie fighting game, and I made a thought about people converting my characters into MUGEN just because. I thought to myself why let people port them into MUGEN when I can do it myself as a part of my Universal project. So that's exactly what I'm doing.


    This is one of them, a tribal cat girl named Emily Stone.



    Emily was born in Las Vegas with a Native American mother and father, who owned a sanctuary filled with rescued animals such as tigers, bears, foxes, etc. Her mom was a part of a cult that rescues animals from hunters, and her genes were modified, but her appearance remains the same. She went through a recruitment thingy which was actually a ceremony for the beast tribe, the type of person Emily is. This is the reason why she has a tail, claws, funny ears, and stripes.


    Emily primarily uses feline instincts, scratching and what not, but she fights in Muay Thai, Aikido, and Kenpo. I plan to make her one of the 3 agile female fighters out of the entire roster of my own characters. She's also very fast because she has the speed of a cheetah.


    And just so you know, I am planning to color that picture. My computer is still busted and it probably won't be fixed after Christmas. Also, the guy who drew the picture is looking for a new cable for his scanner, so it's gonna be a minute.


    Until then, what do you guys think of her?

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  4. FCC WINS...


    Maybe? JUST maybe?

    1. White Ranger

      White Ranger

      @Cook4251 I've pretty much stopped worrying at this point, something tells me it's gonna come back and bite them in the end.

  5. So predictably, the FCC voted against "net neutrality" and thus automatically "against the entire internet".


    If I were to say anything about this it would be a recommendation to you not to freak out about this. I swear, the same thing happened back in early 2014 and the internet did without "neutrality" for a full year, and it didn't turn into a shithole. And that's not mentioning everything before 2007... this does absolutely nothing, as even when it currently existed, it didn't fully work out as battleforthenet pretended it to be.


    The only effects this vote has is the inevitable outrage of everyone who was against this repeal, and of course one of the top-trending hashtags on Twitter is "#RipInternet".

    Is this for real? Most people have no idea how the internet works, but so many are still super passionate about net neutrality and convinced that without it the internet dies.

    Even without taking 2014 into account (which I can't stress enough), what would ever convince you of such an infantile view?


    I'm not at all convinced that most people freaking out about this have even looked up what net neutrality is... and for that matter, how the internet even functions. This issue just pisses me off. There are certainly ways the freedom on internet in countries is hampered, like anti-privacy laws or actual, genuine government-caused censorship of politically unfavorable websites, this "net neutrality" shit is not one of them.

    1. uaguilar


      It seems you know more about this than i do, then what are all the effects this vote had?

  6. Thanks to NFKRZ I now know about VidLii and I'm going to join it this week. So if you know any good characters that were made in 2008-2010 please link them. Because VidLii is old YouTube so I would like to bring some Mugen content to it. Also I will be using WINMugen. So no 1.0 characters.

  7. Kula Edits Web's Christmas Game is back with Zombie Kula as a reward !

    Video ~

  8. I am 29 years old now. 

    1. CoolAnimeHustler


      ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Happy B-Day Cook4251!!


    2. SSBK65


      Happy Birthday Cook.

  9. Last week
  10. I got Gens+ again recently. That's one step closer to lifebars based on Garfield: Caught in the Act.


    I may also do stages too

  11. CocaColaKidTitle.png


    I think I actually have a wish for Christmas now, Coca-Cola Kid for Mugen. This is Pepsiman's rival, he HAS to be. And, uh, Fido's I guess...

  12. HURRY! Save net neutrality:


    All americans' internet won't work anymore! Vote will end in 14th of December!


    I dunno, will FCC end Net Neutrality in country where I live (Russia). If yes, I am dead too. :(

  13. So Beerus, Goku Black and Hit are coming to Dragonball FighterZ.......i was hoping for Hit so im happy as fuck right now it seems like Black will play differently from normal goku thank god 


  14. tumblr_p0tq3vYY2j1qkvbwso1_400.png

    I can't think of a cheesy comment

    1. RobotMonkeyHæd


      Comment with extra cheese coming right up.

      I mean as an ex chef, I'm no muenster but havarti eaten enough cheese to brie happy about it.  If feta already helped,
      that's pretty gouda, but which chevre way it is, me an cheese, we romano e mono.  Swiss cheesy enough now think.  There, ricotta get goin.

  15. matoi_ryuko_11_19_2017_35733_thumb.gif

    (Below is my reaction to it)

    Note: I'm a big fan of Kill la Kill



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    2. The Auditor

      The Auditor

      Let's pray that someone would make a better Ryuko character for MUGEN

    3. RMaster007


      *breaks in through the wall* I'LL DO IT

    4. Xiristatos


      I don't know about you, but something inside me just really wants to see a MUGENised Esdeath... she's basically the only reason I bothered to look up what Akame Ga Kill is. While it's... alright, it's nothing too special. But what I can say is that Esdeath is easily the best character there, and I'm not alone on this thinking.

  16. Imagine being so overprotective of sprites that weren't originally yours that you end up intentionally making ransomware should anyone try to modify your game.



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    2. Pluscross


      All this and it's not even a fangame in the style of Sonic Battle L.E.N. That one is an... Sonic Adventure.


      It's just another Sonic Advance. Damn, man. You know what the most infamous part of Sonic is...

    3. Solid Snivy

      Solid Snivy

      @Ricepigeon It's a shame, really. Sonic Gather Battle is such a great game that started out as a LF2 mod, but now look how bad it's gotten.

    4. Neo_Fire_Sonic


      imagine if i was the  one who stole all his sprites

      oh wait i was kek

  17. All of Commander Keen's assists are DONE!! See Jazz Jackrabbit, Mylo, Dangerous Dave, Johnny Dash, Duke Nukem, and B.J. Blazkowicz in action!


  18. Teh Saiya People vs EXE people


    1. MugenGuy4164


      (I was supposed to refrence a funny dub thats quite bad :P): The Dragon Ball Z Speedy Dub

  19. I hope this next year is more promising than this one.

    1. DS12 Productions

      DS12 Productions

      Agreed, this year for me was crap. I've been through a lot of drama and loneliness since then, but that was only because of my lifetime mental condition. The beginning for me was also a bad start. I hope 2018 will be decent for me. Unless I screw up again, then it's 3 years in a row.

    2. Xiristatos


      I'd say this year was merely boring to me and went by fairly quickly... abnormally quickly, I have to say. Considering all the mentally-raping bullshit I got myself in in fucking 2016 (fuck the entire fucking U.S. election in the fucking roadkill ass) for absolutely nothing in hindsight, this was something of a breath of fresh air. It had many things that pissed me off, like the media's usual fear-mongering and clickbaiting on... quite a lot of issues (I should really consider blocking a few of them out of my view) and meme communities like Know Your Meme and Reddit somehow getting even more annoying, but all in all... at least it wasn't fucking 2016.

  20. This has to be the weirdest thing that's ever happened in my hometown, I heard on the news this past Wednesday, that their was only one police officer on patrol, not just in my county, but the two neighboring counties as well, it was the same officer to be exact. The police station in my town was closed and so was another in the neighboring county, but the third county had one and only one officer on patrol, and he was tasked with patrolling all three counties that day, and maybe even a little more afterwards. Heck, I didn't even see a police cruiser until last night. My only question is, what on earth caused something like this?

  21. :P (When i attempted to make those .EXEs even harder)


  22. A meme (Oh No/ Knuckles From K.N.U.C.K.L.E.S) vs A creepypasta/trollpasta (Sonic.exe) (Also an edit i try to do)


    1. Flare-Gamer-64


      Is this what you see when you die?

    2. MugenGuy4164
  23. ElectricBlast.png?attachauth=ANoY7cqk7qV

    Shock is around 50% complete.

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