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  3. Holiday Presents for the Forum

    No clues lol
  4. What are you listening to right now?

  5. Just one today 


  6. Mister Fael Mugen Videos Spot

    The reason why there's only one video today instead of the usual three is because Yamirobo by Masukenpu-kun doesn't have AI (Seriously, it didn't threw a punch. It only stayed in the defensive.) At least it has two fights on it.
  7. Zenryoku updated by tanukida_taichi on 2017-12-11

    Glad to have these different news here, weird and original characters are needed.
  8. Sanae & Mamizou updated (12/11/17)

    Sanae & Mamizou updated Throw: Fixed bug on throw escape. 2z: Hitbox size increased, effects added. j2z: No longer causes knockdown against standing opponents. j2z: Landing recovery decreased by 4f, hitstun increased by 3f. Youkai Tsurube Transformation: Now swings in a wider arc.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Pokémon

    I only removed the section, not the content that was in it. CHARACTERS -Added Sandslash by Enderloce_Peo64.
  11. Character W.I.P Video Showcase

    Finally.........a Sera, from that "forbidden/prohibited" doujin..............
  12. Zenryoku updated by tanukida_taichi on 2017-12-11 Zenryoku updated by tanukida_taichi on 2017-12-11 : * MUGEN update log (Google Translate from Japanese to English) by tanukida_taichi: "【update】 17/12/11 · Performance changed dramatically with motion change of weak squat. Continuous hit cancel canceled. The occurrence is delayed by 2F, the power, the rigidity difference, the correction value are the same as the weakness. · Since we have created a special intro of Fair of Kettle 2, I've added a description for that and a voice. 17/12/09 · I reduced the occurrence of full-power knuckles by 1 F. · Full power full opening Fixed that the sustaining of Z2 Bom was 2F to 1F. In addition I increased stiffness by 6 F. · I increased the rigidity of full power screw 4F. · The occurrence of full force Supurex 1F late, rigid 4F increased. · I changed normal throwing from squat down state. · Fixed Z2 bomb, screw, ordinary throw was throwing guard stiffness. · Because there are add-ons not equipped with hit sparks, a hit spark has been added. · I gave an explanation of a simple technique to Ridomi. 17/12/5 · Published for the time being" Download from here please:!AJ9u2xB81KKQL-U&id=35B2E5C16BD04D2D!188&cid=35B2E5C16BD04D2D
  13. Oh I see.......thank you for your MUGEN explanation! By the way, this Qdora should belong to "E's Laf" source game...
  14. coding question:

    To make a MUGEN character's attack unblockable/unguardable, there are a number of MUGEN ways: Some normal MUGEN ways: - use the MUGEN State Controller type = HitDef with guardflag = , in your MUGEN character's attack state(s) - use the MUGEN State Controller type = AssertSpecial with flag = unguardable, in your MUGEN character's attack state(s) Some abnormal MUGEN ways: - make use of a weird MUGEN engine bug => add a red hurt box to the very 1st first frame of your MUGEN character's attack animation Action like this: ; Stand Light Punch of Kung Fu Man [Begin Action 200] Clsn1: 1 ;;; add this red hurt box to the very 1st first frame Clsn1[0] = 16,-80, 61,-71 ;;; add this red hurt box to the very 1st first frame Clsn2Default: 2 Clsn2[0] = -10, 0, 19,-80 Clsn2[1] = 0,-94, 12,-80 200,0, 0,0, 2 then in your MUGEN character performs the above example Stand Light Punch use the MUGEN State Controller type = HitDef with MUGEN Trigger like trigger1 = Time <= 0, just make sure it tries to attack your MUGEN opponent right in the beginning of its Stand Light Punch attack Statedef 200 I think this way has the same principle of a throw but it works with a normal blockable/guardable attack setup - give an id = 200 to your MUGEN character's Stand Light Punch attack's Statedef 200 HitDef, then use the MUGEN State type = TargetState with MUGEN Triggers such as: triggerall = NumTarget(200) and trigger1 = MoveGuarded or Target, StateNo = [120,155] and value = 50000 then make a MUGEN Custom Statedef 50000 for your MUGEN opponent, in that state you can try to use MUGEN State Controllers like type = LifeAdd to simulate a getting-hit MUGEN opponent.......afterwards use the MUGEN State Controller type = SelfState to send your MUGEN opponent back to his/her/its get-hit states like Statedef 5000...... and you need to take extra of damage dampener and hit/guard sound and hit/guard spark for your MUGEN character's attack..... Well like I just mentioned this is some abnormal MUGEN way...very tedious too....might be useful only in some special situations.... Even some more weird MUGEN ways that involve making use of the MUGEN State Controller type = ReversalDef bug ("forever MUGEN Targeting") and some MUGEN Helper and MUGEN Projectile and MUGEN NULLs and MUGEN Trigger can find some in those "fiercely fearsome above-god type" MUGEN characters......... There should be some more other MUGEN ways to do this "how to make a MUGEN character's attack unblockable/unguardable", I think some advanced MUGEN creators/authors may know how..........
  15. SMG4

    Thanks, I needed help getting a link to it.
  16. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game

    You guys always beat me to this geez but anywho heres a direct link in case something messes up
  17. any charachters?

    Boi your missing out on one of the funniest characters I have ever seen.
  18. SMG4

    Here's his channel: By then you should get the character.
  19. any charachters?

    I would download this myself if it weren't for the fuckin' huge filesize... Trying to avoid that.
  20. any charachters?!B90Q1B5A!iduWF1V24YioGlYxoKtKtSjMx5_74jwflNWNDrBLr5Y You won't be disappointed
  21. Pokémon

    Enderloce_Peo64's Sandslash edit
  22. any charachters?

    SpongeBob SquarePants by Doug1105/Madoldcrow1105: (just click on the portrait) Robbie Rotten by Pingurules:
  23. Imagine being so overprotective of sprites that weren't originally yours that you end up intentionally making ransomware should anyone try to modify your game.



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    2. Pluscross


      All this and it's not even a fangame in the style of Sonic Battle L.E.N. That one is an... Sonic Adventure.


      It's just another Sonic Advance. Damn, man. You know what the most infamous part of Sonic is...

    3. Solid Snivy

      Solid Snivy

      @Ricepigeon It's a shame, really. Sonic Gather Battle is such a great game that started out as a LF2 mod, but now look how bad it's gotten.

    4. Neo_Fire_Sonic


      imagine if i was the  one who stole all his sprites

      oh wait i was kek

  24. Sonikun's Mugen Reboot Videos Thread

    Last one: Enjoy.
  25. Sonikun's Mugen Reboot Videos Thread

    Time to roll out the uploads: Enjoy.
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