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  2. What are you listening to right now?

  3. KoF mugen battle released!

    KoF mugen battle released!
  4. [MUGEN Character Release] Duralminn Final by Uchihas

    he's a fun character to use! hes a good boss with his tough AI,
  5. Creator's Collection: Brergrsart

    Added link to Joel's MUGEN mod showcase of VHFSMACVUSMRRM (In Fun Stuff). Added a friendly reminder about edits of Brergrsart's chars to clear things up.


    The hype alert is off the chart in the Vinesauce community !

  7. Uncle Jobel by Brergsart Rebalanced by Jenngra505 and Data Drain To honor Joel showcasing his Mugen counterpart on stream, I went back to this balance edit of Joel that I started when it first came out until me and Data Drain were reasonably satisfied with it. Download: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqN1Ini5-I2Ig84dB5KZgC5pTMhHVQ Original for comparisons sake and by Brergrsart's request: http://mugenguild.com/forum/topics/uncle-joel-vinesauce-brergsart-182368.0.html
    1. Mister Fael

      Mister Fael

      Is this really the guy who made the game though?

    2. Pluscross


      Man, I'm surprised he's still alive. It was pretty obvious Hong Kong 97 was a joke game from the start, though. What is surprising is that it's a Japanese game... Sorta.

  8. The Powerpuff Girls

    Double posting and advertising your channel where it's not meant to be. Can we please keep this thread clean or is Nightmare going to derail it any further?
  9. Pac-Man CONFIRMED for Sonic Dash!!!


  10. Yesterday
  11. Kamen Rider Series

    Build was released already guys
  12. TheHeadLight

    TheHeadLight https://www.mediafire.com/download/r0c5u91uch5spud Well, I was bored so I took a friend's drawing and put it in the mugen to see how it looked, this is the result. Mugen 1.0 (640x480) I am new to this so I am not sure that it will work in another version of mugen or in a different resolution.
  13. Aztecaser Sprite Concept (W.I.P) Something I'm making because I'm bored as hell, it's not that good I know, I just wanted to do this to see how would Aztecaser look like on MUGEN, and I will add boots and stuff. I'm not making a full sprite sheet because I'm not good at spriting, but when I finish this single sprite I'll update the post. For those who doesn't know who Aztecaser is, he is from a wrestling-themed tokusatsu series, created by Go Nagai.
  14. Nep MUGEN

    Four brave girls challenge one of the most iconic superhero teams in fiction.
  15. Creator's Collection: Brergrsart

    Thanks dude.
  16. Creator's Collection: Brergrsart

    It will be posted on Varghskeletor Uncunt: Full Joel Stream on Youtube, and it will be on the collection even if it isn't something made for MUGEN. For now, you can watch it in his Twitch archive before it will be automatically deleted.
  17. Sonikun's Mugen Reboot Videos Thread

    Last one: Enjoy.
  18. Creator's Collection: Brergrsart

  19. Ruby Rose (Mugen 1.1)

    her down forward C move has an odd collision if too close the opponent is stunned but the rest of the move will not hit. Also airborne opponents caught will still fall to the ground after taking 1-2 hits, my best guesss is let it allow some juggle so the hyper isn't wasted. also try giving us a screenshot when posting a character or stage, some of us will wonder what it looks like, a video will do too.
  20. Sonikun's Mugen Reboot Videos Thread

    Here comes the uploads: Enjoy.
  21. Easy. Bonanza Bros, Ristar, Opa-Opa, and Dynamite Headdy, as a sequel for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Here is a question for today:


    1. Destined Shogun
    2. CycloneJoker


      Alex Kidd when?

      For the switch of course

  22. Creator's Collection: Brergrsart

    He actually streamed the game yesterday and it was so awesome he will probably stream more of it. For Duane, he actually used the same DL link as mine. Removed spolier tags for Dance Master Duane, if it was really effective.
  23. i found the answer friends, but if you know other method let us know (y) :
  24. Mugen tutorial Combo Breaker!! Killer Instinct [PT-BR] by Ian Miguel Se gostar deixe seu like e inscrição para incentivar o cara. If you like to leave your like and subscribe to encourage the guy. Si te gusta dejar tu like y la inscripción para para animar al chico. Obs: O tutorial esta em português BR mas se você assistir o video e seguir os passos é fácil de entender. Note: This in Portuguese BR but if you watch the video and follow the steps is easy to understand. Nota: El tutorial está en portugués BR, pero si usted mira el vídeo y sigue los pasos es fácil de entender. Para mais tutoriais visite aqui / For more tutorials visit here / Para más tutoriales visite aquí: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl4FvCbfzJHg2gJoXsZPjeg/videos
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