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  4. DL Link:!QUtXCJSY!c_zUyw2N53Dm3ulZ-6uzoezZOX5DxtI9HBsv2ess6no
  5. "Damn would it be cool if Cyrax was in the Challenge Pack."


    *Phone alerts me of a new MKX update 5 mins later.*


    "Oh cool. New MKX update."


    Game finishes updating.


    "You know what? Fuck it. No retry glitch for this guy."


    *Gets Cyrax out of Challenge Pack*


    "YEAH BOI!"


  6. The Cho Hong link leads to a non-existent file.
  7. Another new Melty Blood Mugen Video



  8. Yesterday
  9. Yesterday I had to run a coworker to school to pick up his son.  His son is in fifth grade. He explained that his son was having issues with a bully. He had already told his son the usual thing on how to handle it, "Tell the teacher and everything will be okay." 


    Well, his son did just that, and nothing was ever done. In fact the teacher would just turn the kid away with the words "If I didn't see it happen then I don't believe you." She even took away his recess time on one occasion for "lying."  This has been going on for awhile, and this Thursday his son came home with a  bruise on the back of his head. The poor kid has just gave up at this point, and he told his dad. Since nothing was done about it his dad just told him if he has anymore trouble to just strike back. And here is where it just goes from bad to worse. Although his son did stand his ground and actually did put the bully in his place, the teacher, who turned a blind eye all this time, sends him to the principal's office. Thankfully the principal was a bit more reasonable and has actually had similar incidents with this teacher. The only down side is that my coworker's son got suspended for one day, the upside is that the bully has been suspended for a whole week. I personally think his son should not have been suspended, and I personally don't blame him for telling his son to fight back, especially since the teacher was being a snob. 


    My personal thoughts on this: This tells me that all these anti-bullying campaigns that are advertised are nothing more then a big joke. If the teachers and sometimes principals aren't doing anything about it  and eventually the victim will snap, thus taking matters into their own hands. Imo this is what causes the majority of school shootings, granted some are done because some people really are that messed up, but hopefully you get what I mean. Worse yet, when such incidents occur, the media always blames video games, music, gun manufacturers, and in some worse cases the parents. In some cases the bully will get off scott free. This is just one issue where your damned if you do something about it, and damned if you don't. 



    Comments? Opinions? Thoughts? What do you make of this situation?

    1. SSBK65


      This is just a result of why bullying is always a problem. People don't want to deal with it, they wouldn't have to if it weren't for immature students starting trouble, if the bullies understood that what they do is a waste of their time, then bullies wouldn't be a problem.


      But bullies exist because that's just how our world is, there's people out there that are just plain evil & heartless. Lazy teachers and false assumptions are just some reasons why bullying is a major problem in the world. They're the younger equivalent to criminals.

  10. Added Ryo by OCariocaNildo and ptzptz 7's Edit of Leona by NAO&M.
  11. Added ptzptz 7's Edit of Heidern by Zelgadis.
  12. God Ryu Edit of Cirio's Mr. Karate.
  13. DLF joins SpriteClub Confirmed
  15. Working on getting the global holidays thread working right.
  16. Have you added these AI Patches for AkagiK's Characters
  18. Moku's ponies in the 4v4 and 3v3 patch has a weird glitch where after they KO Player 1 and Player 2, just sit there and block Player 3 and 4's attack (thinking the match is over). Is there a code that fixes the glitch?
  19. Cars are definitely first gen mech suits.

  20. hard man power battle sprite by Greasy-LucarioYun=
  21. Mugen Multiverse on Discord
  22. PF sprites characters by SrRsu =
  23. Ep 65 is here!
  24. The stage comes with superjump, animation, looped BGM, 1.1 (zoom & no zoom) and 1.0 option file. DOWNLOAD
  25. Download:
  27. A very faithful remix of "UN Owen Was Her?", but is very decent in my opinion.
  28. Wait. Sheriff Woody has a last name?

    His full name is Woody Pride?


    Sounds like a euphemism

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