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  2. Chat: This is not a real event. It's just here to show you what a scheduled event looks like on here. Use this if you want to get an audience and live stream. View on Steam
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  5. If you use a broken character you can beat anything.
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  7.!176&cid=93D1B8A3663AAFAB Only works in winmugen. Haphazard way of making it work in 1.0 and above: change every displaytoclipboard to null (or delete the whole things)
  8. Imperial feast by Juke Kisaragi: New rayderss versions:
  9. Finally figured out how to play with Otika's characters properly. Been whooping my whole roster with Accelerator and Kamijo

  10. Did ArthurDM send you the Zim update yet? I typed in the URLs for the files on his website and found them.

  11. Bump: Enjoy
  12. This was easier than expected: Enjoy.
  14. working in progress for the Title screen for SMES XD
  15. thank you :D
  16. NO WAY!!! Sektor is making DFC characters now?!! Gotta Check this out!! Should tide me over till Kohaku's comes out.
  17. I may be late, but happy birthday :p

  18. I think the link was posted by some members already
  19. In the end, we are all a bunch of nerds who attempts to create something revelant for an fighting engine.

    1. Pluscross


      Dang it, not all of us... I've never made a single thing... Lucky you guys...

    2. Ex☆Cham


      Nope, just memes.

  22. But this one in baidu is not a updated one?
  23. Please, can you put a alt link to the diavolo i put before? i think its a updated versión with ai, but im not sure because i cant download from the baidu page
  24. Happy birthday!

  25. And the actual kurumi?
  26. Hello, i present here iqs chars, if
  27. cns 1.0.7z?dl=0
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