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  2. These are all rather subjective but here you go: - Muteki's characters - OMEGAPSYCHO's characters - Team Z2's characters - Dink Smallwood by The_None - Andres Borghi's characters (the ones from The Black Heart) - Kamekaze's MvC2 conversions Generally conversions from games are pretty good. And a lot of ahuron's characters are fun too.
  3. What is a king to a god?
    What is a god to a NON-BELIEVER!?!?!?

  4. Bartz (butz) by Helios

    Here you go. Unfortunately the filename was like this when I DLed it.
  5. Here you go. https://mega.nz/#!gUpUXbLC!guswT-XhcszaS-BGPf_lnHuOLMMZ0vifjCH7F1NOqgU I'm not sure where I found him, actually, but he was on one of my old HDDs.
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  7. Could you provide more information? Which character? When does lagging happens? What I found is that the character will have a lag when she uses the Lethal Blaze against characters with AI helper that records the opponents' attacking helper. I guess the character calls too many helpers in the Lethal Blaze which causes the lag. I will try to fix it in the next update, but I am not sure I can fix it.
  8. A Watcher's Video Thread

    She is a hero.
  9. What are you listening to right now?

  10. Yesterday
  11. Hey fellas, missed me? Alright, it's time to show some stuff. First. Cynos You guys remember Cynos right? He's getting a new design like I said for a game I'm going to make for Ikemen called Vibrant Fighters. He was meant to be released a week ago but I gotten lazy about that.. Sorry guys. Still, I got good news. Cynos is literally 50% Finished. His basics are all there. He's just missing his specials, and supers. I might consider adding EX Specials but, for now I'll leave them out. I'm planning on releasing him at the weekends so expect either today or sunday. If not, Tuesday is my best bet. Now the next guy is... you guessed it. Voltes! That's what you think this is who I meant.. you're right. But, he's getting a redesign! Look! That's right y'all, For the first time in years one of my oldest W.I.P.S is getting a revamp. New look, new style, new ways to roll. He brandishes a lightsaber and a wisecrackin' mouth of Nick from Left 4 Dead 2. Fun Fact, when he was being made he had a Energy Sword, A supermove were he turns into a dragon, and was basically a KFM spriteswap. However, this new version of Voltes is made in scratch like Cynos. Expect him in Spring/Summer 2018! And finally, other characters. Now, I was thinking about taking it easy and do sprite rip characters since they can be a chore to animate and do. But, what do you guys think? Here's one of the potential canidates I could do Dowl from Booby Tales or I can do a NGPC character (Probably finish NGPC Akuma.) Who knows? Anyway, that's about it for my update. I'll try to finish Cynos, but till then have fun!
  12. Lessions (ver. SA) [Mugen 1.1 - Stage]

    Is very simple and Cool LOL Nice :)
  13. Alright boys, It's about that time.


    To show Voltes, Cynos, and other worthwhile stuff to know instead of hiding them under the rug.

  14. BahamianKing100 updated Goenitz and here is the list of what was done by him. <2.23.18> -Added slash sparks and sounds -Changed souga command to hcf k -Added right animation for Uranagi -Recoded punch and kick throw (kick throw still missing a few lil animations. PrimeC and Jadeeye said they will help with that) -Added a new DP move. i called it cutting wind -Made Fuujin Ibuki level 1 and level 2 -Added a new level 3. i called it Super Yamidoukoku -As for effects PrimeSC said he will add them -Fix juggling on Souga and EX Souga
  15. What are you watching right now?

  16. What are you watching right now?

  17. The Power Team just released a video discussing FANTASY ZONE. OPA! OPA!


  18. [Mugen 1.1]Al Azif Ex Mortis release

    hmm the character seems to have a lag when it come facing with other mugen character
  19. SNK vs Capcom EX

    I understand :D
  20. SNK vs Capcom EX

    Well.. thats why its in the WIP section after all. I've been workin on everything for a while now and friends have suggested I should showcase it. Things like lifebars will be coming up, of course.
  21. Is there a Kung Fu Man edit... That's actually a sandbag/training/cannot attack or move? Yeah, there's Training by Stupa, but it comes with all the hitbox testing and debug stuff. I'd like a KFM that simply cannot move or attack to use as a base for something. Sandbag by N64Mario won't work either, I think.
  22. SNK vs Capcom EX

    Yamori X how old is your video ? because you sure need to make your own lifebars for your Ikemen game :D and oh Im a also a I.k.e.m.e.n Coder and creator :) but would be nice to included the full Roster and show more the game content instead of the just character's game play :( that my opinion anyways. here a good example of what I mean when I coded My Melty Blood Ikemen remix. because its very important to show off the full content of your Ikemen creation :D
  23. Sonikun's Mugen Reboot Videos Thread

    Last one for the day: Enjoy.
  24. Sonikun's Mugen Reboot Videos Thread

    Here comes the uploads: Enjoy.
  25. want this elevator stage

    want this elevator stage who have please share and give me thank you
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