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  2. Mima & Yuuka updated "Escape Velocity": Chip damage increased (16->49). New mechanic added: Guard Cancel Counter (412x/y/z during blockstun).
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  4. Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22 / Shin Butouden

    Vegito by tomo link broken, please upload him.
  5. TK's Lets Play: Legend of Zelda - LoveForFire's 5th Quest (ZC)

    Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10
  6. Jaguar (Kemono Fight) released by ZETA 10/16/17

    oh i know that game was released i want to know something does she play like the source or a wonky?
  7. Link down. What a pity... this looked really good.
  8. Thanks, I hope you like the char :D
  9. Pokémon

    CHARACTERS -Added Kyogre and Groudon by Anton16658.
  10. This Rugal?

    This Rugal? I'm likely going to get no awsners again but: This edit seems to be pretty old, anyone got this?
  11. Somewhere in Candor City ???: (This city is larger than any city I have ever seen. With that being said, it makes it hard for me to locate him) ???: (It was pretty hard to sense, but the portal that dragged us to this place had a power that seems fit for this place.) ???: (Well, i'm sure I'll find more answers soon enough. For now, I think a break is much needed.) (The girl sits down at a nearby bench)
  12. Love Live!

    Link to Maki is down.
  13. Evil Zangief,This Alty edit and this stage on 2nd fight

    The evil zangiefs char is an AI patch for MASA's sf2'zangief called zangiefs'. It is on AXFC uploader. I have reuploaded here:'
  14. Ichirin updated New mechanic added: Guard Cancel Counter (412x/y/z during blockstun). Unzan now deactivates if Ichirin suffers from a knockdown or throw state. Taunt: Fixed bug where Ichirin's hurtboxes would not change while Unzan is active.
  15. Last week
  16. Uncle Plas' BGM Loops

    Area C bgmloopstart = 48896 bgmloopend = 2683142 4th and 5th Floor bgmloopstart = 95124 bgmloopend = 2645163 Authentic Sky (Game Audio) bgmloopstart = 1452755 bgmloopend = 7271442 Theme of Captain Commando (MvC3 Remix - Unf0rtune) bgmloopstart = 49057 bgmloopend = 2364308
  17. So I try to load ZSNES savestates to Tile Layer Pro and all I get is a black screen. Anyone know the fix to this issue?

    1. jenngra505


      You're not supposed to use savestates, you're supposed to use ROMs.

    2. Superkingkong65


      I know that. I mean the palettes.

  18. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game

    Recently got from the oven, added Robot Chuck to the list
  19. So fresh it burns. Robot Chuck has been released go get him at Releases subforum!! =D

  20. Hi guys, I'm proud to introduce a new character from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game, and isn't a character you're thinking (not some of the main ones nor Evil Exes). So, let me introduce you: 1. Robot Chuck A stage enemy from the game (World 5: Julie's Halloween Party), a guy with a Gundam-like robot head that appears against Scott and friends and even has some clones (Linus and Tom, guys with a pumpkin head and a skeleton respectively instead the robot head). Made when I was making Envy (and working on Kim, still on works), I was thinking about Chuck being a tough enemy for them, seeing he has enough sprites to make him a proper character, I said "why not?", so here it is. From the readme: And now, the screenshots: 2. Envy Adams Yes, also I updated her with some few things, nothing special. Mostly fixed the bug reported about one of Lynette's supers and, the most important, fully compatibility with MUGEN 1.0+ (winquotes, data, etc.), just choose "envy-m1.def" and that's all ;) no screenshots here 3. Scott Pilgrim Also minor stuff, added Gideon Graves and Robot Chuck to the "intro vs. bad guys" list, and now I make the things easier than before: now you just choose "scott-nost.def" or "scott-nost-m1.def" and now you can play Scott without strikers instead manually to modify the list in your DEF :P no screenshots here, either That's all, enjoy this char and the updates ;) Chars -> Adaptations
  21. Kamen Rider Series

    Has Ex-Aid been updated so far? I managed to find but unlike Ghost-making, I was unable to download the files properly. Is there another way of downloading these files?
  22. [YUZUSOFT/JUNOS] Noble Works by whdyd693 Stage@Preview: Stage@Download: -Shared in Egnyte by me... Stage@Comment: An Offline and hard to find Stage from an Yuzusoft visual novel named "Noble Works" once lost in obscurity. It's an stage I found in one of the Niconico uploads documents...
  23. Does this Exist whos the author of this creation

    The author is also named Anthimus, but it was made by the private community, because said user has been finding many private characters/edits and uploading them to Mugen Archive. Rather strange if you ask me, I've uploaded at least one private edit and never got harassed by the private community. However, ever since anthimus started uploading private characters (over a thousand to be exact)it would seem now that obtaining any and all private edits has become the Archives goal now. In short they created that character as an insult to anthimus, the character on the right is his profile pic on the Archive. Unfortunately the only place I've seen that character you want is on the Archive.
  24. Does this Exist whos the author of this creation

    I Decided to use this tread,AND WHY? Because I was requesting this Voicepack for Kotetsu If you know from what anime the voices are taken from the chars and helpers,and also the seiyu... Let me know...
  25. Evil Zangief,This Alty edit and this stage on 2nd fight

    Because of this I am going to play Narcissu before I talk to Yochi and flare... note: I changed too much indentities and then I revealed myself in MFFA. Basically,It's me Jansen121 on MUGEN ARCHIVE,Who signed up on both sites since 2016. (My old channel was created in 2015,But I deleted it,I Made another one...)
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