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  3. ok then I'll see what I can do. I'm kinda surprised she doesn't have a super genocide cutter super attackl or a super chun li super kick special either.
  4. I've recently created a new Mugen to replace my old one because no matter what I did the order wouldn't work and neither would my screen pack. I finally got the screen pack to work properly and as I worked on it the order was working, but as I added characters, stages, and music for it, my order started messing up.I have it set up like Ryu,, order=4 or Goku, stage/whatever, music/evilmusic.mp3, order=5But no matter what I do I get characters set in like order=6 showing up in round 1. Example, I have some very difficult characters in order 8, but have order 8 to only have 1 match for order 8 so my last boss will always be a random difficult character. BUT they will show up in other orders instead of 8 (which is my last order) Someone please help me figure out whats going on. It would be very appreciated.
  5. Hi everyone! I'm Mike and I'm 24 years old. I enjoy creating MUGEN! I enjoy offering and receiving help/advice. I haven't been making them very long, maybe a year or two and I still run into issues lol I hope to make some good friends here!
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  7. Ahh... that embarrassing work.


    i'm during to play my old interested games and it not recognize to make another mugen character it even that not. and any unplayed fan game

  8. Welcome to da team fellas and congrats! :D @Navana, glad to see you here again. :)
  9. Well, it's a sword; all weapons are infinity priority. It's not like this is DDR's characters or anything where EVERY attack is infinity priority. Though those blue boxes could use work.
  10. Nice stuff Arxos! Keep those AI Patches coming! :3 (Btw, do you have a Skype, Discord or Steam?)
  11. Game updated to version See first post for changelog.
  12. Excuse me but there's something wrong, I got my characters and stages, but for some reason, it only says "STAGE: RANDOM" but I can't select another one! Someone, please help me!
  13. Decided to post this Smash Video

    (i got about like 4 amiibos)

  14. Alice & Ichirin updated Fixed bug in IKEMEN where certain attacks proration was not applied correctly.
  15. Glad Rem is joining Mugen. Let's hope she's good.
  16. That Maxima thread on MFG is woat.

  17. The name's Garfieldfan. I started in the community around 2014-15, with a roster, and an announcement for a Garfield character. During that time my roster grew, but Garfield barly got any progress on. My goal: Still work while I help out the community. I'll be on the Database on Wikia a lot, so don't expect me to be here a lot. Another goal: get a beta for Garfield done. So... yeah there's a little info on what I'm like.
  18. So a week turned into a month and a week, but oh well. Hime Len and White Len Force released! I've also released 2 new patches: Maximum Seraph and Dark Sonic. Didn't think I'd make a patch for a Sonic, but this guys moveset impressed me. The AI for Dark Sonic is a bit lacklustre compared to my other stuff, but he really doesn't need it, his moveset is incredibly strong.
  19. R.I.P. - Roger Moore. He was the first James Bond that I know of.

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  21. Actually 叶あかね氏&参号 (Kano Akane-shi and san-go)'s Eddie/Zato-1 (Which is offline) is based on Guilty gear (PSX) Not Guilty gear XX.
  22. your names AAAmazing! Hope you enjoy your time here!
  23. welcome dude! IF mugen is what you fancy best then stick around for new mugen characters to test! XD sorry had to throw a rhyme creative but dont always get the time to study or create much...but i'll get something made 1 day, nice having ya here!
  24. Well, this was unexpected. But thank you!

    I will do my best!

    1. wicloud


      just remember...yer rank still says abd....i always wondered what an abd AI patcher is...anyone?


      just do what ya always do medias with social societies who are socially, socializing in this forum X3

  25. wow its growing good news guys :D
  26. I´m the devil, MWAHAHAHA!!



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      *Adds another +1 to bring it up to 669 bwahahahahah!

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      *draws pentagram on ground and stands in it, to properly address Ex
      Sir, I've just edited the system so when anyone has 666 reputation points, their community reputation title changes to The Devil,
      then back to Free For All Family again when they hit 667.
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      Hehe, yep, you really are. >:)

  27. Gohan by ssjsongoku
  28. Gohan by Barrado
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