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  2. Added Red Hawk from Jetman by Maniac
  3. Update: - Inuyasha by Sandaime Hokage - All three versions of Inuyasha by Parawhore-Otaku
  4. Today
  5. All of the Madoldcrow1105 links are broken... Here by ill just leave this new link over here. as far as I know it has all the characters of 1105 over there. EDIT: New link for V2 Chowder by FelixMario2011/PlaceMario.
  6. Actually, i made a remake of a crappy char. Maybe still bad. :/


    1. Darkflare


      With that mentality? Pretty likely.

  7. Well on the Mugenarchive there is some sort of Beta, don't expect much from it however... It misses a lot of frames especially hit frames as Sheik... However its not complete yet so let's hope for the best!
  9. Only genetics can tell what happens next. 



    But eh still bored.

  10. New link for the game has been updated
  11. Update: - Akiha_MA and Ryougi_MA by Michaelarmaros reuploaded - Added Arrange Akiha and Arrange Satsuki by Anomipolis - Added Mech Hisui by Ururyun
  12. Here Comes some New Challengers: Black Nao: Sendspace: Pan Baidu: Red Nao: Sendpsace: Pan Baidu:
  13. Looking awesome for your first collection, keep up the good work!
  14. It's fixed.
  15. Added all.
  16. Added all.
  17. Thanks bruh. Added to the list.
  18. Added both.
  19. well, spriting has improved quite a bit more, im almost able to animate my own im feeling confident enough to try and make a mugen character! As soon as i get enough votes on which of the 3 that i should animate.

  20. Added.
  21. Last time on "Five KOF Fights at Freddy's Z"...:


  22. Today's Episode, Area comes back for more, While Flamme takes on a Darkstalkers reject and Kyo and Iori "FiNAOlly" Seeks for Trouble because Foxy is Swiggity Swooty-ing around coming for their booties:
  23. Fuck. Tomorrow's Monday.

    1. NEON 7
    2. Rimu


      Unrelated to what you said, but... nice avatar you have :victory:

    3. DLF, The Meme Lord
  24. Shammahomega1's Ryu. ;)
  25. Remember the fact I was dead? Yeah, me either

  26. Added. :) Also added two Links, by Arumikan and Monkey D. Yomi.
  27. Yesterday
  28. HUGE UPDATE!! ADDED: - Some of New versions of MASA chars reuploaded Chars missing: Guile, Zangief, Sagat and Cyborg - Ryu by Striderhiryu - Evil Ryu by OCariocaNildo - Chun-Li by Jo - NES Bootleg Sagat by Jango - Domatenboss HR Edits - Sprites Pack by HHHanzo - Sagat by Gscool - Korean Sagat by BC - Shadow Guile by TESTP & D@rK-SuN - Old and new versions of Bison (Dictator) by Ali
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