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  2. Mahboi25

    Athena by Grief

    Hello, I am looking for an Athena that was created by the creator Grief Mugen. Riot of the Blood transformation. (1:38) He is working on another Nest Kyo for Mugen can you send me a download link if you find it?
  3. sonikun

    Sonikun's Non-Mugen Video Thread

    Here's another one of these... Enjoy.
  4. The sounds of the crowd cheering clued Lilith in that the match ended. ("I better pay attention just in case it's my turn.") She took note of the meditating fighter. ("To remain meditating like that despite all this noise, he must be quite deep into it.")
  5. (Hyde sits quietly as the fight came to an end) Hyde: (That was a very intense fight, who knew a person like him could stand so long against that many projectiles) (As Hyde continued with his thoughts, the person with the hood had his own thoughts as well) ???: (...At least they weren't weaklings, but they definitely won't "suffice." Heh, I am making faster progress than expected though)
  6. ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- This Is A Cool Edit Of Lucy! I Love The OST On This Stage As Well! Do You Know What The OST For This Stage Is? ^_^
  7. Yes! A little surprise for first time participants. You guys provide entertainment as well as train. So for that, you are compensated. Well, at least the winner is! Ha! Here's your prize! The receptionist hands Raina a gift card worth 1000 gil. Enjoy! She smiles and returns to her duties.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Yo the assists look great so far! Keep up the amazing effort as always Roy, I'm really looking forward to seeing this character project released.
  10. Raina took Anwalt's hand for a firm shake. "That was pretty exciting. It's been a while since I fought someone who preferred to go up close." Once Raina left the arena, she proceeded towards the receptionist. "I heard there was a prize, right?"
  11. Lucy (re-edited) released! Check first post! :)
  12. Meanwhile back in the training facilities, the other fighters watched in amazement from the battle. It was clear to them that these weren't a couple of rookies... (That was some battle. It came down to the last few seconds. The big fella sure tried his best to close the gap, but never could quite get close enough. Had he managed to he may have knocked that girl out cold. Guess that's why she kept him from doing so. Then again...) As the young female figher contemplated the abilites of Anwalt and Raina, a fighter who had been meditating during the fight still manage to notice the power of the two combatants. (Those two were strong. It seems...howerver...that one of them was holding back. One may have hid there power a bit, but the other's...the other's power was rising even till the end...interesting...) The stoic warrior resets his focus on his meditation...
  13. Hey, found them as a gif on the Scott Pilgrim wiki: http://scottpilgrim.wikia.com/wiki/Scott_Pilgrim_vs._the_World:_The_Game scroll down long enough and you should find them under Background sprites. What do you think about the stage? Looking for some feedback...
  14. Ultra Fatality

    [STAGE] Scott Pilgrim - Underpass (animated)

    Hey where'd you find all those cars ???
  15. RoySquadRocks

    Sonic Mania Blasts From The Past! (Encore Update!!!)

    With Sonic Mania Plus finally released, here's a preview of Mighty and Ray as Sonic's new assists for the Act 2 update!
  16. RoySquadRocks

    Screenshots Mffa Style

    Posting this in honor of Sonic Mania Plus.
  17. Anyone know where ti find this edit? Its by Spat856. anyone have this ive been trying to find it.
  18. sonikun

    Sonikun's Non-Mugen Video Thread

  19. LightFlare_Da_Realest

    Desert Ryder by Vegaz and Kirokaze

    Update. Check first post.
  20. Altes Eisen

    Nine the Phantom by Kouya

    Exactly: you can just check Mai own thread here: The provided links for the archives are still up; but as Snivy said "No password = No party"
  21. MatreroG

    The 8th Passenger Stage 1.1 & 1.0

    Thanks CAH, we really appreciate the support.
  22. sonikun

    Sonikun's Non-Mugen Video Thread

    Here's another one: Enjoy.
  23. Last week
  24. Mister Fael

    Mister Fael Mugen Videos Spot

    Irony, D and Stomp
  25. Solid Snivy

    Nine the Phantom by Kouya

    Someone else has the old Mai saved up. Though none of us can play as her unless the password for her is figured out.
  26. sonikun

    Sonikun's Non-Mugen Video Thread

    I love this team: Enjoy.
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