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  2. A Watcher's Video Thread

    Real mature, assclown.
  3. CVS Goro Daimon POTS/Infinite

    Thanks Master Vegaz... :)
  4. CVS Mature POTS/Infinite

    CVS Mature POTS/Infinite "Salve galera" MFFA... "Porque o guerreiro de fé nunca gela" by: Racionais mc's One more char ready... And so we have another member of the "Hakkesshu" clan, and the Yagami team is finally complete ... :) Well, I present to you "CVS Mature" by Falcon Rapper (Yes, I am hehehe ...: P) In humility and respect, I do not like to speak, but to act ... :) The char is in "POTS / Infinite" mode (cvs and sparks in HD, fights mode setup, see Config.txt) plus have some new knocks (preserving all strokes of KOF char, of course) ... Designed to be played on Mugen 1.0 or Mugen 1.1 (some settings prevent it from running in other versions) What you have: Adapted to be played with 6 buttons (3 for punch and 3 for kick) - Moderate artificial intelligence - 64 palettes (12 normal plus 52 extra, activating config.txt); - All sparks in alpha effect POTS style; - Blows based on the KOF versions in which the character appears; - Sounds based on versions 98 and 2002; - Gameplay that can be changed in config.txt (activation of selector palettes, aerial combos, etc) ... - All POTS / Infinite mode features (Parry, Custom Combo, etc.) - It can be adapted to be played in ADD004 mode (it can be activated as helper and changed during team mode / simul mode, needs to use add004pie.exe, it works without problems, either in the jump tag style or in the style "running tag", tested on both) - You can enable or disable LV2 Portrait, see "config.txt" What is missing: - Ending, for a change ...: \ - Correct errors that are found, otherwise nothing is missing, it is running good ...: P Commands: Basic Blows: Throws: Two punch or kick buttons; Crematory: F + weak kick Blowback Kick: F + strong kick Special Skills Death Claws = D, DB, B, Punch (Ex Mode with two punches, spends 500 MP) * There may be continuation, just use the same command (Normal blow repeats twice and in Ex mode repeats up to 3 times) Deicide = D, DF, F, kick (Ex Mode with two kicks, spends 500 MP) Metal Massacre = D, DB, B, kick (Ex Mode with two kicks, spends 500 MP) Despair = D, DF, F, Punch (Ex Mode with two punches, spends 500 MP) Sacrilege = F, D, DF, punch (Ex Mode with two punches, spends 500 MP) Ebony Tears = D, DF, F, D, DB, B, Punch (Ex Mode with two kicks, spends 500 MP) Supers LV1 (Made with 1 super bar) Heaven's Gate = D, DB, B, D, DF, F, kick Nocturnal Light = D, DF, F, D, DF, F, punch Supers LV2 (Made with 2 super bars) Heaven's Gate = D, DB, B, D, DF, F, two kick buttons Nocturnal Light = D, DF, F, D, DF, F, two punch buttons Super LV3 (Made with 3 super bars) Eternal Illusion = D, DB, B, D, DF, F, two punch buttons ======================================== Preview: Credits: - Electbyte (Creators of Mugen) - VirtuallTeck (creators of Fighter Factory) - Infinite and R@ce Akira = For great chars in which I use as an aid during conversion - Phantom of the server (best sparks and best style for ground fighting) - Dampir (Best KOF sprites to CVS converter, it's an honor to be able to use these sprites in this char) - Warusaki13, David Demianoff and Juke Kisaragi (Commands, Constants and Animations used in this char) - Jmorphman (Best effect for custom combos using helpers) - Basara Kun, Chosis, Goodaldo, Kiri, MoonGirard, Senofro & PsychoKrusher (Palettes made for Vice by JMorphman, which I used in Mature) - Gui007 & JadeEye (For always promoting my work via Youtube) - Left4Joker (Always bringing good ideas and suggestions in my group on facebook) - Admins and members of mugen groups on Facebook, especially Ramon Garcia (Mugen link & Share), Mestre Ares do Santuario (Mugen Brazil), German A. Sanchez (better known as "Tiloger") and David JR Ayad Mugen Return) and to the group gallery there. - Members of the CVS EXtreme group (My group for mugen on facebook, link on my signature) Download link: PT-BR: Dedico este char primeiramente a Deus, pois sem ele nada seria possível, aos meus pais e familiares, minha noiva e futura esposa (Te amo <3 Raquel) e a todos aqueles que como eu amam MUGEN... :)
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  6. What are you listening to right now?

  7. Geese Bohyo Howard & Soy Milk

    Here it is :https://yadi.sk/d/nW0fQZm83ShNkm
  8. Geese Bohyo Howard & Soy Milk

    Has anyone found an AI Patch for Soy Milk?
  9. What are you watching right now?

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  11. Nep MUGEN

    There can only be one magical girl...
  12. Joel has been updated to version 1.4 Changelog:
  13. Pokémon

    Recently I made Piplup for MUGEN: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2k0rgfkgb3xrds4/piplup_svp.rar?dl=0
  14. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    The battle is in full swing. The defense team makes the first move but are quickly countered by the lighting fast Etomo. Agni shows of his agility as he finds a camping spot with a birds eye view of the arena. He sends a volley of missiles towards the defense...much to Darkflares' displeasure. Meanwhile, in the center a major standoff begins as the fighters begin to show their true colors. Ludger...decides its time to go all out and beat Joyce to the punch. But before they collide, Joyce sends an attack that blocks LightFlare from easily advancing to her position... (That attack created a small firey gap. I could cross it but I'll be open...that is...if i were to jump...maybe I'll just...) Before LightFlare could advance toward the middle he looked to right and could see the smoke clear from the missle attack. Penelope was still standing but she was visibly shaken from the last attack. LightFlare could also see 5T, 13P and Byakuya. Now that he had visual confirmation he was able to distinguish the 2 robots apart and had pinpointed Byakuya as well. LightFlare looked straight across... (Emilia...she's taking the right side...just like she said...then ill take the left...it's now or never...) Hugh...I know you may not trust me...but i need your help. I'm going to do a move that may leave me open to an attack. But if it's successful...it will turn the tide and possibly seal the victory for us. Please cover me... @Mister Fael LightFlare does a short dash into the left entrance...and prepares for his signature move...) No holding back....
  15. Sonikun's Mugen Reboot Videos Thread

    Just one for today: Enjoy.
  16. Super Smash Bros. Mugen by K.Y-Shanxi

    I crown you as champion!
  17. UMCTX Character Roster

    Good luck...
  18. KOFM Goku by Hell

    I have disabled the auto AI.open the .cns file and search for trigger61 and put this symbol - ; that's it.Auto AI has been disabled.
  19. Dream vs Dream Alpha stages

    I really liked how the game was going, but it's a shame it met its end in such a saddening way. Nevertheless, excellent job converting the stages to MUGEN!
  20. Dream vs Dream Alpha stages

    It's a fighting game that would feature characters from various Yume Nikki fangames, unfortunately the game suffered development hell and ended up getting abandoned (which is a shame since the game has some nice tunes).
  21. Dream vs Dream Alpha stages

    With a name like that, I have to learn about this fighter. Is it a crossover? These all look really surreal also. The artstyles are really nice to look at too.
  22. [PREVIEW] [Info] superjump = yes animated = White Desert only bgm = yes, except Needle Hell and Dark Wasteland [Download] Sky Garden : https://www.dropbox.com/s/cnudwi5qz7mux2b/DvD_Sky_Garden.rar?dl=1 Block World : https://www.dropbox.com/s/xidqfzonmlfsppq/DvD_Block_World.rar?dl=1 White Desert : https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ui8d1tm8py4p47/DvD_White_Desert.rar?dl=1 Plant Cave : https://www.dropbox.com/s/asimnblsnktctb9/DvD_Plant_Cave.rar?dl=1 Mushroom World : https://www.dropbox.com/s/f6zq85y89pymyc4/DvD_Mushroom_World.rar?dl=1 Needle Hell : https://www.dropbox.com/s/t6r8yi44zmii8s8/DvD_Needle_Hell.rar?dl=1 Dark Wasteland : https://www.dropbox.com/s/eo7jgj7nggf8wzq/DvD_Dark_Wasteland.rar?dl=1 Credits for Sesaka (stage art) and Ragtime/plasterbrain (music).
  23. Flare set the communication console to the offense team. "WATCH YOUR FIRE! YOU ALMOST CAUSED A SWIFT DEFEAT TO YOUR TEAM."
  24. Pokémon

    That's because they ARE drawn with MS Paint.
  25. Waterfall Corridor [STAGE]

    Waterfall Corridor [STAGE] Waterfall Corridor An edit from an edit (Master Yoda Corridor). Low-Res and with some Hi-Jump. I don't know from what game the sources come (except AODK waterfall). Enjoy. Download 1: https://www.4shared.com/zip/HVy5TH3Nei/waterfallcorridor.html Download 2: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5c2g20d9rd97zzb/waterfallcorridor.zip?dl=0
  26. What are you listening to right now?

    "Wave 131" - Streets of Rage 2 (remixed by Nick Taylor)
  27. A Watcher's Video Thread

    Inferior tech.
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