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  2. Pokémon

    CHARACTERS -Added Arbok by Endercreeper9999. -Added Lickitung by JoeyTheMarillFan.
  3. Yesterday
  4. M.U.G.E.N. Duels: a series by gui0007

    There are the three last episodes. ENJOY! :) EPISODE 212 EPISODE 213 EPISODE 214
  5. Cuphead

    Update: -Added Ooze Woods by Duke of Corvus
  6. ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Yo, What's Up MFFA Fam! Happy Thanksgiving To You All!! Enjoy Time With Family, Friends, Or Even Waifu Or Husbando!! Make Sure To Stay Safe Out There And Keep Being Awesome!! ^_^ *Peace*
  7. Pokémon

    Endercreeper9999 made that NSFW Arbok Safe. And unlike Joey, he got everything vore related out. Link: Speaking of Joey, he made another anti-vore edit for Lickitung by Noahshime. But I'm uncertain if he got everything vore related out of this one. Link:
  8. CAH's Super Mugen Battle 1v1 Tournament Series

    ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Yo, What's Up MFFA Fam! Happy Thanksgiving To You All!! Enjoy Time With Family, Friends, Or Even Waifu Or Husbando!! Make Sure To Stay Safe Out There And Keep Being Awesome!! ^_^ On The Latest Episode of CAH's Super Mugen Battle 1v1 Tournament #13!! 32 Fighters Will Try To Compete With The Best of The Best in The Mugen World to Become The Champion! Does An External Staff Standup Against Blades That Strike From Someone Internally? Does Cammy Ever Get Cold Outside? Does Kenbo Even Care? DO MAIDS STILL GIVE OUT HUGS...DURING A FIGHT!? Find Out In This Spectacular Episode of CAH's Super Mugen Battle 1v1 Tournament #13 ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”
  9. Oliver by Oliver as Latias and OverHillDreams edited by The 14th Doctor Sup guys, i uploaded on Mediafire.
  10. Hi everyone, Well... I would like to make it so that my projectile goes toward the enemy, its not a homing projectile it just shoots toward the enemy s position without following him if he moves or dodge or something. Tryed using p2Dist X and p2Dist Y for this but sometimes it doesnt work and even if it does its not always at the same speed like if p2 is close to the projectile before it velsets it gets faster... Thats not what I want, I want the speed to be constant regardless of the p2 s position. So help please :/ Thanks Here is my helper: (Didnt add hitdef yet) [statedef 20002] type = U movetype = A physics = N velset = 0,0 anim = 20002 [State 0, PlaySnd] type = PlaySnd trigger1 = time = 0 value = S8,0 [State 0, Turn] type = Turn trigger1 = animelem = 5 && enemy, pos X < pos x ;ignorehitpause = ;persistent = [State 0, VelSet] type = VelSet trigger1 = time = 21 x = P2DIST X y = P2DIST Y
  11. I hope Rin Oyama is gonna be release soon. it has been a year.
  12. What are you listening to right now?

    Oftentimes, we realize the importance of a certain person when we lose 'em... When they're not anymore in our life...
  13. MAGICAL KINGDOM OF VERVE: Elysia Inn ???: I do apologize for the disorder that awoke some late in the night; I shall be certain that such behavior does not occur in or around this inn at any time in the future. Now, please, enjoy your food, and feel free to take as much as you wish. He proceeded to bow gently, but kept his place at the counter. Idealis soon took notice of them. Idealis: There you guys are! I thought you were all still asleep, but I guess the smell of food is good enough to wake up anyone, isn't it?
  14. Sonikun's Mugen Reboot Videos Thread

    One more for the day: Enjoy.
  15. Sonikun's Mugen Reboot Videos Thread

    Here comes the uploads: Enjoy.
  16. RM007's Sprites

    Okay and hell no.
  17. The list was getting updated either way so this was a good time to add. Spark Boy looks cool from his sprite (I presume he's an original?), I'll check them out.
  18. Random Super Smash Bros Brawl pictures

    Yes! It is really beautiful photos.
  19. RM007's Sprites

    I guess I could make my sprite of Daphne after I make my sprite of Risky Boots. You need to add shadows and soft shadows in those sprites.
  20. Botanic Panic

    It is very interesting to thank
  21. characters

    well, this was unexpected. I kinda figured they were hand edited for your site, and I do have an interest in getting some (mostly the ones that are more than just cheap AIs) anyways thanks this request is resolved.
  22. Hyperdimension Neptunia Characters in Mugen

    *Waits in anticipation to be in the game.
  23. Thanksgiving Turkey

    Link updated.
  24. Wishlist

    Who’s that? (Pic)
  25. Doraemon

    Wonderful, that is a great collection. Also, I didn't know who Nimuge is until I found out he was the main antagonist of Doraemon: Nobita and the Animal Planet.
  26. Thanksgiving Turkey

    Link doesn't work can you fix it please?
  27. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game

    Much appreciated
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