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  3. I just completed Doki Doki Literature Club.

    Overall 9/10.

    "Appearances can be deceiving."

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    2. Pluscross


      What is it about, I need to know if I visit my little sister again.


      Must be better than FNaF.

    3. The Auditor

      The Auditor

      It's basically a visual novel but with some romantic stuff, horror stuff and glitches...you name it, feels like if MissingNo. is in the game

    4. Superkingkong65


      Never mind. 10/10. The game had more Kontent than I imagined. And holy shit, I went into the game with zero expectations. Came out more satisfied than when I first played MKT on the N64. I am dead serious.


      Seriously, I misjudged this game because it was popular. This game is fantastic. I have to say, I enjoyed the game.

  4. Yesterday
  5. 6974e225577b05e9dead881cf481b019.jpg

    These guys know de wey

    (I question this meme starting with the Kanna thing)

  6. Whoops, made another account and didn't even realize it. Welp.

  7. Nyeheheh!


    1. thebestmlTBM


      That's pretty good.

    2. RoySquadRocks


      You can thank Lisnovski for his awesome pixel art. ;)

  8. Last week
  9. I wish I could sprite what I see in my brain.

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    2. Xiristatos


      If I, Xiristatos, were to ever be able to do just that, I think most likely this will come out of my rectum:



    3. RMaster007


      That's god-tier work. Beautiful. 11/10

      But seriously, if I was able to sprite what I see in my mind, I'd be just as great as Warner.

    4. Xiristatos


      Honestly, so would I, Xiristatos. We all have this potential in us and we know that just about anything is possible, but getting there is the real part. All I can say is... who knows?


    1. Solid Snivy

      Solid Snivy

      Hm. If production on Todd is kinda being troubling, you could put him on hold for now and work on Roxy. 

    2. Ultra Fatality

      Ultra Fatality

      you think i should o_0

    3. Solid Snivy

      Solid Snivy

      I mean it's ultimately up to you in the end, dude. 

  11. EBO7ekb.png


    Apparently, Connect Four is a huge meme nowadays. Kids these days.


    What does it consist of, why Connect Four and not Candy Land, and which January was it?

  12. (im sure some people may not know this)

    You can actually use some  const(size.yscale) whenever you want to align the hitspark/projectile a lil easier

    for example: if you add this code const(size.yscale) in a small character by the Y position thing and scale the character to 2 for example

    it just simply aligns it for you (I have found this code in The_None's Beavis and Butthead)

    At least you do not need to add another .CNS file with some changed code for aligning hit sparks/Projectiles etc.


    What the code should look like?
    sparkxy = -10,-16 * const(size.yscale)

    This works for projectiles aforementioned above but you have to change it to offset (unless its a helper)

    1. Pluscross


      What were you doing in there?

    2. MugenGuy4164


      umm what do you mean?

    3. Pluscross


      Looking around... In code for some odd reason.


      To think of it, there's a mystery I need to solve on one particular character by digging in their code to discover something...

  13. Make Pop Team Epic acknowledge it copied Super Fantasy Zone.


  14. Hey guys, I have some good news. My dad gave me a laptop as a remainder of my birthday and Christmas. He’s gonna have to update it here and there because it has Windows 7 and my other computer has Windows 10, and I bet that most of the stuff on that computer is for Windows 10. After that he’s going to be needing enough time to move the stuff from my drawer computer to the laptop, which might take a couple of weeks. Also, my social security card came in the mail the other day, so all I need is a ID then I’ll have a part time job that’ll give me a lot of money.


     I’m very excited for this, because I need money.

    1. PlasmoidThunder


      I'd personally suggest keeping Windows 7 on that laptop, but to each their own; I highly doubt there's anything on there that only works with Windows 10, since it's more common for things to not work with it.

    2. RedDragonCats17


      I might update it just in case, idk.


      Also, do you know any artists around here? Like Japanese anime style artists (hopefully ones that take requests for free, I may be close to getting a job, but I still have to get my ID and idk when that's gonna happen)? 

  15. A friendly reminder that Bonanza Bros is the best game ever!

  16. Nintendo Labo already being used for military use.


  17. early Nintendo Labo prototype, circa 2003


    1. CoolAnimeHustler


      ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- LOL!


    2. Superkingkong65


      Image result for cardboard wii u

      Looks like Nintendo learns from eBay users.


    1. Ricepigeon


      Could we refrain from spamming multiple status updates in short periods of time the next time around? The edit button exists for a reason. Thanks.


    I think a lot of people can agree on this. 

  20. Polnareef. He's in the chrome of the steering wheel. (Actual Dub Inflection)

    1. The Auditor

      The Auditor

      Was this supposed to be foreshadowing Polnareff in a wheel chair from Vento Aureo?

    2. Cook4251
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