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  2. tumblr_otbdu8Hvu91qkvbwso1_400.png

    Basically, if you're angry don't try to "vent" your anger cause it's just going to make it worse. One of the best things to do is to take deep breaths and bottle it instead.

    1. Алексей


      Bottling makes you explode in greater volumes later on though, no? I'm constantly venting, get "triggered" easily from general stupidity (depends on the person more than anything though), and it all seems fine at the end of the day. For me, I feel like I need to get it off my chest and work through it, then my mood goes back to normal, otherwise I'm just thinking about it more and more and more, especially if it's something I have no control over, which is most things.

  3. Late night (for me) videos


  4. Yesterday
  5. Final Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft - Curse of the Naxxramas' Knights of The Frozen Throne & Knuckles

    1. OxyontheWolf


      alternatively named League of Paladins

  6. Just found out this is a thing.  Hyped af.

    1. OxyontheWolf


      hopefully we get a Rocksteady as well, I LOVE DCat's work

    2. DS12 Productions

      DS12 Productions

      That was post was originally made 2 months ago lol. Well took you long enough anyway.

  7. Last week
  8. Random gripe... Do we really need a OC collection...? It defeats the entire purpose of the OC character section, to be honest... We could just put the ones not in the OC section from the collection in the section...

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    2. Pluscross


      I meant to also add "Not trying to disparage the collection creator's hard work, but it seems like it would also be much easier this way."

    3. Pluscross


      ...There's already a Black Heart collection though...


      And like, what exactly is the line for most known and not known enough to make the collection...?

    4. HelloMyNameIsAAA


      I personally think that this collection should mainly focus on the most known original characters , such as Andres Borghi's.


      If done right, this collection can coexist with the OC section.

  9. Why do we only have 9 members on the Steam group lmao

    1. Pluscross


      What are the qualifications for joining it?

    2. DuckMannnn
    3. Алексей


      I think it's just not a popular thing. Steam is, sure, but maybe not groups. Most people are on Discord though.

  10. My all time favorite comic book character, since I was a wee little kid, has always been Minion.  One of the first comics I got into, I think I was 12.  Obsessed.

    Unfortunately he never really got popular.  But I just found out they actually made a toy of it!!!

    Even if it is just a rebuild on some Colossus parts, a fucking Minion toy!?!  Joy!  I didn't even know people knew Minion existed, let alone made a freakin toy. <3

    Here's his bio:

    1. RobotMonkeyHæd


      Thinking about it, this character and the predator are mostly responsible for my dreads, which are def due for a trim at 9 years long lol
      Top 5 comic chars, for fun's sake:
      1) Minion      2) Lobo      3) Spawn      4) Venom      5) Apocalypse
  11. Alright so Capcom added Jedah in MVCI and fixed Chun Li's face so she dosen't look so disgusting

    but they fucked it up by adding Abigail in SFV... oh well at least his stage looks cool

    1. A person

      A person

      Well done, Capcom. You've successfully countered Aksys, and they are now doomed.







    2. Noside


      Even so, Dragon Ball FighterZ is winning. x3

  12. Trying to do a few more $5 sprite commissions. Check here please if interested Please:


    1. TopKirby8305


      Check my messages man.  Sent ya a PM here and on DA.

  13. Abigail right now...



    1. Darkflare


      His head is too big.

    2. Private Mucho

      Private Mucho

      Let's just say, everything is too big about him.

    3. Darkflare


      But his head in particular is too big here.


    1. OxyontheWolf



  15. Jubei Announce in Central Fiction & Blazblue Crossover Battle HYPE

    1. OxyontheWolf


      at this point, Capcom's dead

  16. Fun Fact: Joseph/Jonathan's uppercut hyper is called Beautiful Memory Ceaser. It took me that long to learn that. It also took many days to put said fun fact.

  17. R.I.P Capcom because of all these tag team games are coming out. lmao

  18. Poor Capcom. They got destroyed at EVO.

    1. Yagoshi_The_Yoshi


      Not even Jedah and Abigail has saved the Arc System SAVAGERY

  19. Keep ,making stage PSDs but can´t get in the mood to code. heh... I blame anime.

  20. bruh the Blazblue cross tag team looks gonna main Qrow tho lol also I wonder if the sprites will come to Mugen most of RWBY's cast will finally be mugenised

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    2. Infinite Kyo

      Infinite Kyo

      yes that would be awesome as fuck

    3. OxyontheWolf


      oh and by the way, a little heads up for all future Roman mains: watch out for the birds

    4. OxyontheWolf


      and for the Kira mains: beware the ambulance

  21. Congrats to Murderface

  22. Did y'all miss me?


    Sorry for the long disappearance, my computer was broken and my dad was too busy to fix it, but I'm back in action and I'm ready to code some more.

    1. RedDragonCats17


      I'm planning on making a thread regarding 3D stuff, I'm gonna be needing some help on the 3D models so stay tuned.



    1. CoolAnimeHustler


      ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- N-N-NANI!!!??? Man...All These Fighting Game Crossovers Now Are Becoming Ever So Lit!! The Geese Is Leese!! LOL!

    2. RobotMonkeyHæd


      That ending lol, so good!
      Diggin the new avatar / cover photo btw.

    3. Infinite Kyo

      Infinite Kyo

      that rashoumon made me nut.....anyway I know who i'll be maining also cant wait to customise him

  24. Jubei finally playable in BB, Arcsys crossover and Geese in T7?


    Stop, my body can't handle all of this!

  25. OMG, Blazblue Cross Tag Battle looks so good.

  26. For some reason Offliberty isn't letting me download stuff from Soundcloud. I need help...



      Use or

    2. Weiss_Circal
  27. A crossover fighting game where you can play as characters from BlazBlue, Under Night in Birth, Persona 4 Arena AND RWBY?





    1. OxyontheWolf


      and it would've been even better if as soon as the trailer ends the second time....

      think about it, it could be like the franchise's very own Phoenix Wright

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