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  3. Hyperdimension Neptunia Characters in Mugen

    *Waits in anticipation to be in the game.
  4. Thanksgiving Turkey

    Link updated.
  5. Wishlist

    Who’s that? (Pic)
  6. Doraemon

    Wonderful, that is a great collection. Also, I didn't know who Nimuge is until I found out he was the main antagonist of Doraemon: Nobita and the Animal Planet.
  7. Thanksgiving Turkey

    Link doesn't work can you fix it please?
  8. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game

    Much appreciated
  9. EarthBound / Mother

    cool my kumatora made it in just to let you know i made an update that's a drowin's style sprite swap
  10. There are 6 characters who I consider unique hidden gems like no other and they all come from the same fullgame, Nijikaku. Munch, the most notable figure who appeared in the Scream painting. Pittan-San: a simple square from Mojipittan with many creative abilities. Kabegami, my favorite unique character based upon Anubis and is as flat as paper. Bakumatsu Kora, a cool silhouette samurai with basic and strange attacks. Getsuyoubi, a weird humanoid made from Japanese Hiragana meaning Monday. And the surreal shape-shifting papery creature Unknown, the most unique Mugen character of them all. Honorable mentions go out to Spark Boyand Naporitan Mama for being two unorthodox and out of place characters I'd never thought I see in Mugen.
  11. Warrior's Hangout (While Byakuya was walking, he made it down to the lobby) Byakuya: Hm? Whats with all the noise? Verve - Elysia Inn Seth: That scent. Clearly it must be Breakfast time. I assume the others are already there, perhaps not all of them though. (Seth starts to make his way to the breakfast area)
  12. Verve Town - Elysia Inn Yomi and Jude arrived during his speech. Yomi: "Them ruffians" really did a ruckus last night...Also, Doctor, can you confirm that excessive amounts of mana make people crazy? Jude: It's called drunk with power. It's not really exclusive to mana but it happens. Yomi: Point taken...Well them, time to serve ourselves with this food. Jude: (He mentioned Jack Frost right? I only really heard of it after we broke the "schism". It's a lesser spirit of ice. Seems like he has a strong influence for the spirit clime here being way different from Candor.) Then, they took their seats. Warrior's Hangout - Cafeteria Ryuko: I don't know what he said...but I'm kinda irritated by it... Etomo: Then eat that irritation away...your burger is here! Ryuko: Oh yeah! I'm so doing that! Ryuko started to noisyly chow down her burger while Etomo just patiently ate her sandwhich. Ludger: ...
  13. What characters are hard for you to beat?

    Infinite's characters R@CE AKIR@'s characters Buckus's characters SennouRoom's characters Cafe's characters OGGY's characters Kamekaze's characters Rajaaboy's characters Ikaruga's characters varo_hades's characters Descolor's characters Boryema's characters Celica Sylphil by ark Rock Howard by Warusaki3 Black Canary by Magus (Fought in my Retard Bashing vid) Powergirl and Moondragon by NinjBrl (Also fought in my Retard Bashing vid)
  14. MAGICAL KINGDOM OF VERVE: Elysia Inn Downstairs, the usual girl that sat at the front counter was instead replaced by an older male dressed in very elegant clothing that seemed to have been maintained very well as not even a piece of stray lint could be seen upon it, and the fabric that it seemed to be made of was smoothed so many times that not a single strand stuck out from it. His face showed years of chiseling from countless hours of work in many high-ranking positions under many lords, and his eyes told the story of a man who had seen events, some of which he had wished he had never seen. His hair had been slicked back and stood out save for two strands of lazy hair which seemed to bend just the right way for them to match his hair. It was as if this man had toiled for hours on his look. ???: Good morning. I apologize for the interruption last night; this kingdom is victim to ruffians who wander the streets during celebrations that oft occur here. Excessive amounts of mana seem to influence their rampant appearance. However, I do pray you were all able to sleep well despite their inconsiderate behavior. I have already prepared breakfast; please do be certain that you consume a sufficient amount of food as Jack Frost intends on striking our kingdom with a bitter cold unlike any other. He bowed, and gestured towards a long table covered with trays and plates with lids upon them that allowed one to view the foodstuffs upon them, along with various canisters and jars filled with liquids. It was clear that they were all breakfast dishes: breads, flapjacks, hot cakes, pancakes, waffles, eggs, meats, soups, sliced fruits, juices, teas, coffees, and an assortment of sauces, butters, syrups, and various other condiments. It was clear that other people had also hit the table as many of the containers were rather short on food. In fact, there was already another person helping themselves to a plate of waffles, eggs, and bacon from the table. There were plates, bowls, and utensils that could be used to carry, contain, and consume the food available. Idealis, who had managed to sneak her way downstairs, was already preparing to grab something to eat herself. Idealis: Thank you so much, sir! She was currently unaware of anyone else nearby. CANDOR CITY: Warriors' Hangout Entrance With a new day breaking in, the commander had figured that it was time for them to return to the hangout. With little discussion needed in dragging Penelope and the robot along for the ride, the trio were already fast approaching the entrance into the facility, so Penelope proceeded to take the lead and flag down the robotic maid at the entrance, waving her hands in an attempt to get her attention. Penelope: Maid ladyyyyy! Can we go in now?! It's importaaaaaaant!
  15. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game

    Alright looks good sad that not all the pals effected the girls but its not your fault its the pals fault but either way it all looks pretty good
  16. I'm baaaaack! And with good news. Sometime by Next Thursday, i have a new laptop put on a layaway. It's an HP flyer red laptop, i found for $279 at Wal-mart. Is it a good laptop. Please let me know. :)

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      ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Glad To See Ya Back Cook4251! ^_^

  17. Yesterday
  18. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game

    Here ya go ...i did what i could given that his entire pallet shared with each other ..hope ya like em and on some of them i changed the demon hipster chicks as well
  19. I'm excited for the holidays but very upset as I haven't watched The Amazing World of Gumball in years and I was DEVASTATED to find out that my favorite CN character,

    Rachel Wilson, was erased out of existence after the show's 1st season because Ben Bocquelet (her creator) and some of the staff of the show hate her, most likely for screaming at the kids in The Party, the only episode  where she had a major role, the rest are small insignificant cameos. I forgot all about this character's existence myself and I'm so mad about this! She's just... gone! 


    It's crazy what happens when you don't pay attention to a show for years. Now characters get removed for several reasons, but Rachel's gone because "we dislike her" and that's it! The fans loved her! This video, What happened to Rachel just shows the thousands of fans that still like this character even today! She's a pure cinnamon roll! 

    And this Google + survey shows the like/hate ratio of Rachel's fans.


    Rachel's not a mistake. The staff made a terrible decision removing Rachel. That shouldn't have ever happened and I just found out 3 months ago.


    Despite her removal, 2nd to Foster's Home,The Amazing World of Gumball's still my favorite CN show. But I'm neutral about it now because of this.


    It's been SIX years and Rachel Wilson deserves a BIG revival, she deserves everything. Her own series, or at least spinoff and even more than that to make up for getting rid of her! Once I see her get the revival she rightfully deserves, it'll make my whole year! That is what I want for Christmas. 

  20. Hyperdimension Neptunia Characters in Mugen

    I think we better wait for the future blazblue cross tag battle. if mori want to add neptunia on it then we can get neptunia sprite ala ARC System
  21. Wishlist

    and terumi from blazblue as well
  22. Sonikun's Mugen Reboot Videos Thread

    Just one for today as well: Enjoy.
  23. Who else wants a CNN punching bag? 

    1. Ricepigeon


      Punching bag characters are still a thing in 2017?

  24. Looks like Net Neutrality is under attack again, man I detest politics, nothing but to groups trying to complicate your life while their getting rich.

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      This is their theme song



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      ^ Trumps parents?

    4. Flowrellik


      Fuck the GOP and the golden spoons they eat with. If the net goes byebye, I want the world to wise up and retaliate.

  25. Update: the version of Sanae that was uploaded contains an incorrect version of, which causes an unintended double groundbounce glitch when Wind Goddess ~ Pillar is used under specific circumstances. Below is the corrected file: A version of Sanae will be reuploaded later today which will contain this fix. This fix is only for those who have already downloaded Sanae in the meantime.
  26. Worlds I wish to see are a Treasure Planet world the Tarzan World return.
  27. Funny Megaman Boss ideas

    Bubble Buddy Man Blood, Guts, and Gore Man Spiked Wall Man
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