Regarding the Multi-post Bug and Profile Error Message frequency

This announcement is no longer active


As many of you may already be aware, MFFA has been suffering from a rather elusive bug over the past year where making a new post, thread, or status update will result in the forum generating multiple duplicates of said post/thread/status. In addition to this, a separate error has also been occurring where attempting to view a user's profile or editing a post will result in an error message popup; both of these bugs seem to only occur on certain days of the week and during certain hours. Needless to say, our efforts to contain this bug and permanently resolve it have so far been unsuccessful.


However, we now have an idea of what is causing these issues. Over the next few weeks, RobotMonkeyHead, in collaboration with technical support at Bluehost and the rest of our staff, will be attempting to manually replicate the conditions necessary to trigger these bugs, so you may notice them occurring more frequently than usual. As inconvenient as this may sound, these actions are necessary in order to isolate the root cause of the bugs, so that we can finally put them to an end once and for all. Please bear with us during this time.