All extra features disabled

This announcement is no longer active


All plugins, add-ons, extra text editor buttons, rss feeds, discord bots, and calendar app currently disabled.  Just in case anyone is wondering, the reason is that we're trying to isolate the saturday morning profile error bug.  The reason it hasn't occurred these last few weeks is because I've been up waiting and ready for it.  Luckily it strikes at the same exact time every week.

I won't get into the details of the issue, but I will say that both me and Aлескей have tried extensively over the last few months to diagnose this thing, and neither of us (nor tech support from either the host or software) have been successful.  Yet.  All extra features will remain disabled until we are able to smite this thing.  
Until then, thank you for your continued patience (involuntary tolerance) with the matter, and we all look forward to end of this noise.